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Although every part of a presentation is important, the ending is especially relevant for how the audience will remember you. Even the very best presentations are only as good as their compelling ending. Here are 5 helpful tips to make the ending of your presentation outstanding. 1.) Focus on your audience – they are the […]

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Whispers, yawns and zero interaction from the audience besides checking their smartphones…do you know this scenario? Presentation mistakes happen to everyone, but there are certain situations that you can certainly avoid. Listed are 10 of the most common presentation mistakes that are an easy slip up if you aren’t careful, but that can quickly be […]

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Fresh, simple, elegant, crisp and clean is what the new flat design look tries to convey which has gained ground in the last several years. Incorporating minimalistic shapes and powerful colors, the flat look offers attractive design options especially for PowerPoint. We want to share not only some insights to the benefits of using this […]


The build-up of PresentationLoad’s IT portfolio Bring Your own Device, Data Warehouse and Big Data Do you seek the possibility of giving your employees a chance to use their own mobile devices inside your company? Does the data flood of your company need to be condensed? Do you want to be able to make smarter […]


4 reasons why stories deliver results, 10 tips of how to tell them and 5 things you should avoid.

The Science Behind Quotes and How to Use Them: 8 Benefits, 5 Tips + Bonus Quotations not only serve to reinforce your claims and boost your credibility, but they also have the potential to stimulate the mind and unlock a more intimate connection with your audience. A great quote encapsulates an idea or thought, it can […]

How to Ensure Quality Images in PowerPoint Apply animations the smart way. Image quality, animations and layouts are the subject of our third blog post in the series of everything about pictures. You will certainly have encountered the problems described here as image quality and image layouts are matters you can’t get around and are […]

Picture Edits Two of the most fundamental techniques of image processing include: How to crop out images and create your own free standing clipart How to combine photos with standard forms 1. How to create “cropped” photo clipart Two brief remarks about your photos before we deal with the cropping elements:• The better the contrast, […]

Pictures in PowerPoint serve in a variety of levels and are great to introduce a subject, visualize a topic and make your overall presentation more enjoyable. This blog is part of a tutorial where we will be showing the basics of inserting and editing images to more advanced techniques and tricks. This blog will cover […]

Customers have asked us many times if there was a device or tool for PowerPoint that can be used to dynamically display time periods during a presentation. To leave no customer unsatisfied, we have designed and developed the “Dynamic Time Add-In.” With the help of our revolutionary tool you can easily show any kind of […]

We have completely redesigned our online shop to make it more user-friendly and to include a large number of new and innovative products.  The user awaits better performance, a neater design, larger images and more information about our products. Customers Can Await the Following Benefits: Faster operation by an accelerated search and loading times Simplified […]

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. The Functions of a Metaphor Metaphors are an integral part of our everyday language and are used daily, whether consciously or unconsciously. As for […]

Have you ever developed a product and ended up in a dead end? You waste only resources and energy and it all leads to nothing in the end? Then, it is time for a new way of approaching your goals. Agile Project Management was established in the last couple of years and is such an […]

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One of the most crucial elements of public relations work of companies is targeted social media marketing. Flat Design Social Media Templates include a collection of icons and logos of social media networks, which will vividly illustrate your company’s communication channels. Important events on social media monitoring which give information on the success of a […]


Set Goals with SMART Objectives There are times when we have the right ideas but we do not have the right concept to achieve our goals. A precise and sophisticated planning is therefore indispensable so that you will not lose track of your original thought. Here some suggestions: order your thoughts, verbalize them and try […]

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The year ahead will also be filled with plenty of appointments, dates and business goals. To provide a well-structured overview for you, PresentationLoad has created an annual PowerPoint calendar. Conventions, congress, conferences and meetings – these are some of the scheduled company events. One can easily lose track of all those commitments so that it […]

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2015 is at the ready and PresentationLoad has a little present for you: In our online shop we offer you a selection of free animated PowerPoint templates to celebrate New Year’s Eve. To celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends and family the PresentationLoad team has another seasonal special for you. At our online shop […]


Have you been in those kind of situations when a thousand thoughts run through your head but you do not know how to structure them or explain them comprehensively? After some time, all great ideas fate and the resentment grows. You cannot remember what it was that was striking your mind. For cases like these, […]