This week we present ideas to a possible future world of work. Our topics are as follow: what insights can be gained through communicating with wearables in team situations, how small spaces can be transformed with flexible office furniture, and why managers and middle managers should be particularly prepared for the zombie apocalypse. In JoAnn […]


Hotkeys and tips for navigation during your PowerPoint presentation – Part 3 These issues have already been addressed: Part 1 – From the Start of the Presentation to the Helpful Tools Using shortcuts during the presentation Accessing Slide Show Help with the F1 key Hiding the dialog menu and context menu Switching programs during the […]


These issues were addressed in Part 1: Part 1 – From the Start of the Presentation to the Helpful Tools Shortcuts to use of before and during the presentation Accessing Slide Show Help with the F1 key Hiding the dialog menu and context menu Switching programs during the presentation Working with hyperlinks Inserting action buttons […]

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The more confidently you present, the more you can focus on your content and keep your audience captivated. In this blog post, you can learn valuable advice for guiding your listeners through your PowerPoint presentation. You are probably familiar with some of the tips from this post, but we have some new practices which can […]

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The second part of this two-part blog post, The 10 Common Mistakes in PowerPoint that you probably never considered while you were presenting. Why make these mistakes if you can easily avoid them? 6. Reading You probably already know that reading your PowerPoint slides is a total no-go and only contributes to monotone and boring […]


The 8th edition of Presentation Watch offers a rule of thumb to simplify decision-making processes, a belated technically elaborate April fool’s joke and a useful memory training technique that promotes free speech during presentations. – The psychologist and marketing professor, Dr. Robert Cialdini presents impressive scientific findings of the means by which one can influence […]

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Your presentation has it hard enough: it needs to succeed in making a good first impression and compete with many other exciting events and entertainment. Every possible error you avoid will only improve the chances of your presentation being positively remembered by your audience. PowerPoint can be a useful and profitable tool with helpful design […]


Kurt Dupont is the CEO of PresentationPoint, the online store for PowerPoint presentations with real-time dynamic elements. The offered add-ons can integrate daily news or live weather data into presentation slides and much more. The information displayed is automatically updated via RSS feeds during the presentation mode. We talked with Mr. Dupont about the benefits […]


While surfing the World Wide Web once again, we compiled a few inspiring business and PowerPoint aspects for you including modern work spaces, a tool for integrating audience interaction in your presentation and an update of the PowerPoint mobile app. Are you looking for creative ideas to organize your business space? Do you wish to […]

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For weeks, Jacob prepared his presentation for the conference crafting precise diagrams and learning his data by heart. At first, Jacob was satisfied with his presentation, but the next day when he talked with some members of the audience, he realized in horror that most of them barely remembered what had taken him hours to […]

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Audiences will generally critic a speech on three different criteria which all center on how convincing a speaker appears, describes Garr Reynolds in his bestseller, “Zen and the art of presentation.” We have summarized remarks about “presenting” for you in five points. Establishing a connection with your audience allows your content make its way into […]


How do you get your team on board to navigate a first class strategy of Customer Relationship Management? How do get started in developing or updating a CRM strategy? Regardless of your company size, the aim of a great CRM remains the same: to build and manage long-term profitable customer relationships. Three points to get […]


For this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th, our Presentation Watch #6 has the motto “Women, Speak!” Our highlights include garments that can talk, women who have something to say and a woman who knows the ins and outs of public speaking. Two women talking about the latest trends in the fashion industry, how […]


If you’ve ever sat in on a presentation where the text was too small for you to read or the information was too crammed together, you’d know that legibility is a necessity when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. It’s crucial to find a suitable font as well as a layout that will allow you to […]


Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two essential conditions for a company to be successful. A satisfied customer is often identifiable by his/ her trust and reliability in the product or company, and therein also represents a predictable long-term multiplier of economic profit. We have put together a list of factors that significantly contribute to customer […]


Learn now for your next PowerPoint presentation: how to switch slides in an impressive way, which presentation type you are and how your audience can internalize your message. – Your movements can now achieve even more in your next presentation. The new Android app, Swoosh allows you to use hand movements with presentations. Move your […]

CeBIT Preview, 20. Januar 2016:
Pressekonferenz mit Salesforce: Marc Hoenke, Director Brand Communications

The CeBIT is the largest electronics fair in the world and will take place in Hanover this year from March 14-18. We will keep you informed on hot topics and new products from the 250 exhibitions presented in the digital world. D!conomy This year’s CeBIT theme is “D!conomy – join – create – succeed” (“D!conomy” […]


Since the release of Windows 8 and 10, the new grid look has boomed everywhere in the design world from webpages, smartphones and other user interfaces to magazines, architecture, art and just about anywhere you turn. But why is it that this simple line of rows and columns has become such a fundamental staple? Simply […]