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Camping out on the cold concreate and pushing and shoving in the chaotic crowds is either a highlight of the year or a painstaking event to get that deal. (In which case, we recommend a Survival Guide for Rookies). However, it need not be so anymore! More and more retailers are going online to give […]

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The vast majority of us look for things that could be improved or need to be fixed, but do we also actively recognize good work? The power of praise is widely underestimated, in that about a third of the population could benefit from improving their ability to recognize others (Folkman). What Studies Show In a […]


Last week, we published an article about advice from Chris Anderson, head conference organizer of TED talks. This was published in the Harvard Business Management magazine and compactly summarized from us. In the following we present a follow-up of 6 further tips to consider when preparing for your next presentation. 1. Using PowerPoint effectively Keep […]


Do you get complaints regarding your offered products or services? Utilize them to better improve your customer satisfaction rate and optimize the quality of your offers! The 8D (8D discipline) and the 7STEP method are similar to each other, in that they both have structured a problem-solving courses that help master product and process problems. […]


Design your graphics and photos livelier by editing a part of your subject to jump out of the picture frame. You won’t need any separate photo editing software, you can simple format your picture directly in PowerPoint – we’ll show you how.


Microsoft gives a sneak peek into two new features for PowerPoint 2016 for optimizing the look of presentation slides: Designer helps in finding the right image layout, while Morph produces elequently animated slide transitions. Wide range of design ideas Do you have the perfect image for your presentation, but are uncertain of how to best […]


Make the old new or visually refer to the past, present or future. For example, use a black and white picture (for the old or past) and animate it to change color (representing a new state or the future). PowerPoint has numerous options to liven your presentation with a little color and animation. Check out […]


Nervousness, shyness or a bumpy debate are among the typical fears of giving a presentation. Conference organizer, TED addresses these concerns and has set itself the task of preparing their speakers to excel in presenting. Chris Anderson, TED conductor since 2001, explains in the Harvard Business Manager, how to hold a successful speech. We have […]

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With the new plug- in “Social Share,” PowerPoint files can be shared as an album, graphic or video on Twitter and Facebook. The new app is published by Microsoft Garage, a team of Microsoft- Employees dedicated to develop various apps in their free time. Published presentations can get commented on Twitter or Facebook and PowerPoint […]


Businesswomen, Software developers, medical practitioners, computer analysts? MetLife, Anthem, Boeing, IBM? Do you know who your customers are and what motivates them to buy? Customer Personas can optimize your business processes and development and give insight into your target audience. Read on for tips on researching and creating customer persona profiles. What are Customer Personas?            […]


Do you ever become passionate about a vision that you would like to implement… and preferably immediately? You sit down and quickly establish some goals, but the minute you have it in front of you, new versions of the vision formulate and you somehow lose sight of the original purpose. Often, we have the right […]

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Managing change in the workplace can be tricky business, but it’s unavoidable in today’s rapidly changing global economy. How well a company adjusts its strategies and structures to changing conditions will determine its success. This article outlines two fundamental theories of change management and its various phases of transition. Changing Times Modern business is permanently […]


Although every part of a presentation is important, the ending is especially relevant for how the audience will remember you. Even the very best presentations are only as good as their compelling ending. Here are 5 helpful tips to make the ending of your presentation outstanding. 1.) Focus on your audience – they are the […]


Whispers, yawns and zero interaction from the audience besides checking their smartphones…do you know this scenario? Presentation mistakes happen to everyone, but there are certain situations that you can certainly avoid. Listed are 10 of the most common presentation mistakes that are an easy slip up if you aren’t careful, but that can quickly be […]


Fresh, simple, elegant, crisp and clean is what the new flat design look tries to convey which has gained ground in the last several years. Incorporating minimalistic shapes and powerful colors, the flat look offers attractive design options especially for PowerPoint. We want to share not only some insights to the benefits of using this […]


The build-up of PresentationLoad’s IT portfolio Bring Your own Device, Data Warehouse and Big Data Do you seek the possibility of giving your employees a chance to use their own mobile devices inside your company? Does the data flood of your company need to be condensed? Do you want to be able to make smarter […]


4 reasons why stories deliver results, 10 tips of how to tell them and 5 things you should avoid.


The Science Behind Quotes and How to Use Them: 8 Benefits, 5 Tips + Bonus Quotations not only serve to reinforce your claims and boost your credibility, but they also have the potential to stimulate the mind and unlock a more intimate connection with your audience. A great quote encapsulates an idea or thought, it can […]