This time on how to control PowerPoint from your phone, how to convince anyone in 30 seconds and what we can learn from Barack Obama’s speeches. The free Android App, Office Remote allows you to use and control PowerPoint as also Excel and Word from your smartphone. The app includes many useful functions like having […]

Internet of things (IoT)

Whether we’ve known it or not, the Internet of Things is already here. Many of our day-to-day devices are connected to the Internet: televisions, cars, homes, industrial equipment and other things. These things communicate and collect data for us. So the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has hit the ground running and will […]

The words that you use are like intellectual food for your audience. The content is the main dish. You have already cooked something up, but the way you present it to your guests will make a big difference in how it is received. How you present your speech, on which dish or fine silver platter, […]


A new year has begun and we want to start off by giving you some news about PowerPoint 2016 as well as tips to bring into the new year and lessons from last year. – The 2015 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was likely to rank among the largest TV fails of last year. Host Steve […]


Philosopher and politician, Seneca once said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” As the new year has already taken off, design and technology also have some new and ongoing beginnings, ones you can’t miss implementing in your business model. How are design trends evolving and what can you expect to see in […]

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Employer branding is a measure for recruiting and retaining employees. Companies will present themselves as an attractive employer to court potential talent and to keep well-established staff. Learn what contributes to a leading business and how to polish your employer brand. What Makes You an Attractive Employer? Companies are developing more efficient recruiting strategies due […]


Before the holiday break, we want to give you summary of interesting articles and videos you can kick back with. This time, the Twitter app, Periscope is in our focus as well as an article about things you should never say at work and five impressive TED talks that fit ideally with the holiday spirit. […]


According to a survey by a German news reporter, N24, more and more professions require knowledge management (KM) skills. When managing directors and Human Resource representatives in Germany were asked about KM, 90% of respondents rated KM as “significant” or “very important.” Consequently, workers benefit from having skills in data analysis and project management. Social […]


Christmas is just around the corner! We have summarized interesting and fun facts about the holidays. Have you ever wondered how many Christmas trees actually find their way into living rooms each year? Or did you know that Christmas is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine on the 7th of January? Check out many interesting facts. […]


In our new blog series, Presentation Watch, we give overviews of interesting articles, videos and websites on the topic of PowerPoint presentations. Our beginning marks a blog post by Simon Porter called “I love PowerPoint!” This entertaining post alludes to how useful PowerPoint has gotten over the years for professors, teachers, instructors and the community […]

Black Friday Business.tiny

Camping out on the cold concreate and pushing and shoving in the chaotic crowds is either a highlight of the year or a painstaking event to get that deal. (In which case, we recommend a Survival Guide for Rookies). However, it need not be so anymore! More and more retailers are going online to give […]

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The vast majority of us look for things that could be improved or need to be fixed, but do we also actively recognize good work? The power of praise is widely underestimated, in that about a third of the population could benefit from improving their ability to recognize others (Folkman). What Studies Show In a […]


Last week, we published an article about advice from Chris Anderson, head conference organizer of TED talks. This was published in the Harvard Business Management magazine and compactly summarized from us. In the following we present a follow-up of 6 further tips to consider when preparing for your next presentation. 1. Using PowerPoint effectively Keep […]


Do you get complaints regarding your offered products or services? Utilize them to better improve your customer satisfaction rate and optimize the quality of your offers! The 8D (8D discipline) and the 7STEP method are similar to each other, in that they both have structured a problem-solving courses that help master product and process problems. […]


Design your graphics and photos livelier by editing a part of your subject to jump out of the picture frame. You won’t need any separate photo editing software, you can simple format your picture directly in PowerPoint – we’ll show you how.


Microsoft gives a sneak peek into two new features for PowerPoint 2016 for optimizing the look of presentation slides: Designer helps in finding the right image layout, while Morph produces elequently animated slide transitions. Wide range of design ideas Do you have the perfect image for your presentation, but are uncertain of how to best […]


Make the old new or visually refer to the past, present or future. For example, use a black and white picture (for the old or past) and animate it to change color (representing a new state or the future). PowerPoint has numerous options to liven your presentation with a little color and animation. Check out […]


Nervousness, shyness or a bumpy debate are among the typical fears of giving a presentation. Conference organizer, TED addresses these concerns and has set itself the task of preparing their speakers to excel in presenting. Chris Anderson, TED conductor since 2001, explains in the Harvard Business Manager, how to hold a successful speech. We have […]