There are four different export options in PowerPoint for your presentation. Learn which format is the right one for you.

While talking in front of an audience there will be some difficulties you’ll have to solve. Find out how to impress on stage, confidently and commandingly, with the right preparations.

SlideShare is a slide hosting service designed for sharing presentations online.

The first minutes of your talk will leave a lasting impression on your audience. You decide if it will be a fair and convincing impression, though. So take this advice for the preparation of a presentation to heart.

Here’s some expert information about the four steps of creating a professional presentation.

In this blog you’ll find some useful expert tips for your preparation of presentations so that the next time you step on stage you’ll shine.

If many employees work on different presentations a style guide is very important so that all the presentations have a unified, professional look.

Find out how PowerPoint can be used to create interactive and well organized e-learning materials.

You created a PowerPoint presentation and aren’t happy with the results? No worries, PresentationLoad can transform your presentation into a design masterpiece and optimize it to your individual requirements.

Infographics are a useful tool to present complex content so that it is easily understandable. We’ll show you three ways to get professional infographics.

Whoever works with PowerPoint often knows exactly how to insert pictures on slides, animate objects and insert tables. Many steps to creating a presentation are self-explanatory and easy. However, now and then the software shows weaknesses in its uses and limits in functionality. That is where add-ins come in handy.  They simplify the use of […]

Consider the following scenario: You need to prepare the current project status or the cumulative fiscal year in a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting. The presentation should be based on the current company slide master including all texts, graphics, and diagrams matching the Corporate Identity (CI) of your business. Some companies, provide guidelines outlining how […]

Now you should have found the right story to include in your presentation. (Read 4 Approaches to Crafting Data Memorably). It relates to the bigger picture of the point you want to get across and enhances the data and statistics you are bringing to the table. Great! Now you are ready to rehearse your presentation […]

In the last part of our presentation design series, we address the use of icons and charts as well as the orientation and hierarchy of your content. 1) Present information meaningfully. Do you have a lot of data and you’re not sure if you should just copy and paste it into a PowerPoint slide? Or […]

The Chinese philosopher Laozi once said “only he who knows his goal finds the way.” This bit of wisdom can also be applied to creating presentations. If you know why you are holding a presentation and who you want to reach, you can find the right solutions to impress your audience. The 5 W questions […]

Let us show you how to best choose colors for your presentation layouts and introduce you to some of the best known design rules for appealing slide designs. 1. Find matching colors. Learn how to combine different colors in your presentation so they harmonize well together. You can find Internet sites to help you decide […]

Even the most brilliant speech with polished PowerPoint slides and cutting-edge presentation technology needs a helping hand.  Your body language and tone of voice can help you make a successful and memorable presentation. Let Your Body Do the Talking It’s common knowledge that body language, facial expressions and tone of voice have a huge impact […]

Creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation is not only a technical challenge, but a creative and stylistic one as well. Quite often, implementing what you have envisioned results in frustrating difficulties. Our design department experts at PresentationLoad offer you professional support and practical solutions for this and all facets of presentation optimization. Challenges in Creating a […]