The Chinese philosopher Laozi once said “only he who knows his goal finds the way.” This bit of wisdom can also be applied to creating presentations. If you know why you are holding a presentation and who you want to reach, you can find the right solutions to impress your audience. The 5 W questions […]

Let us show you how to best choose colors for your presentation layouts and introduce you to some of the best known design rules for appealing slide designs. 1. Find matching colors. Learn how to combine different colors in your presentation so they harmonize well together. You can find Internet sites to help you decide […]

Even the most brilliant speech with polished PowerPoint slides and cutting-edge presentation technology needs a helping hand.  Your body language and tone of voice can help you make a successful and memorable presentation. Let Your Body Do the Talking It’s common knowledge that body language, facial expressions and tone of voice have a huge impact […]

Creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation is not only a technical challenge, but a creative and stylistic one as well. Quite often, implementing what you have envisioned results in frustrating difficulties. Our design department experts at PresentationLoad offer you professional support and practical solutions for this and all facets of presentation optimization. Challenges in Creating a […]

In recent weeks, we have put together 25 tips on how to Skillfully Design Presentation Content. In this blog series, we will devote ourselves to presentation design. With our design do’s and don’ts, you can create visually stunning templates that appeal to your audience. 1. Create clean slides.   The concept of “less is more” […]

Who would remember the data picked out of overloaded excel sheets and slapped onto a PowerPoint? Mountains of dry stats, numbers, and analysis? We need these to make informative business decisions, but the presentation won’t be one you will recollect or that will inspire you when you’re back at your desk. However, it’s not impossible […]

In the last part of our blog series, we offer nine more tips on creating content for your templates. These final points show you what to consider when bringing your presentation to an end so that your audience won’t quickly forget your content. 1. Think about the template layouts While you are inserting your content, […]

Spreadsheets with overloaded facts and figures are just not a compelling way to recall information. But data together with a story can resonate with the audience on both an intellectual and emotional level. Read on for tips on what stories to combine with your data. When to Tell a Story When is it appropriate to […]

The second part of this advice series is about easy and effective ways to convey a memorable message to your audience (see part 1). You will also get some insights on how to enhance your presentation with the use of quotes and questions. 1. Take advantage of storytelling. Storytelling, can help you connect with your […]

The content is the king of your presentation. Even the best presentation techniques won’t cover-up weak and uncreative content. This blog series includes 25 tips of how to create and skillfully implement content into your presentation. Read on and stay tuned for the best PowerPoint content advice. The first eight tips will focus on making […]

We’ve come from a line of legendary storytellers dating back to our ancestors sitting around the fire crafting stories about star constellations and telling myths about the setting sun or the meaning of life. The best stories were packaged so well that hundreds of illiterate generations could retell them. Today, stories are still the most […]

We will show you what to look for and what distinguishes ordinary design services from that of a specialized PowerPoint design agency. Multi-Talented All Around Many design agencies offer services for creating, optimizing and adjusting PowerPoint presentationsThe mention of PowerPoint is made, however, in the same breath as many other services such as web, photo, […]

Have you ever thought about having professional PowerPoint templates made for you or your business? Perhaps you haven’t taken the leap yet, so here are seven points for you to consider why you can’t go wrong investing in custom designed presentations. 1. Save time. Sure, everyone can use PowerPoint, but how long does it really […]

Are you ready for the 2016 European Championship? The first game is kicking off with France vs. Romania on June 10th. Are you curious as we are for the outcome? 24 countries, 36 games! It’s easy to lose track of the overview, which is why we have made a free PowerPoint slide set where you […]

PresentationLoad has a new line of blog articles called ‘How to PowerPoint.’ If you have any questions on how to do something in PowerPoint, then leave a comment and let us know. We’d love to give you a hand. Our first tutorial question: How do I add a hyperlink in PowerPoint? 1. Open PowerPoint and […]

If you want to convert your presentation into a video file, PowerPoint has a feature for that. However, aside from a limited recording function, there are only a few default format outputs available. More over, the editing of the rendered file is only possible by using additional software. That’s why we present to you Camtasia […]

This week we present ideas to a possible future world of work. Our topics are as follow: what insights can be gained through communicating with wearables in team situations, how small spaces can be transformed with flexible office furniture, and why managers and middle managers should be particularly prepared for the zombie apocalypse. In JoAnn […]

Hotkeys and tips for navigation during your PowerPoint presentation – Part 3 These issues have already been addressed: Part 1 – From the Start of the Presentation to the Helpful Tools Using shortcuts during the presentation Accessing Slide Show Help with the F1 key Hiding the dialog menu and context menu Switching programs during the […]