May 23, 2017

Transparent Text in PowerPoint

Transparent text is used often in print and screen designs. But it can also be a useful tool in presentations. As this isn’t an integrated function in PowerPoint, you will need to know some shortcuts. We’ll show you how.

First off, why use transparent text? When an image has a really interesting background, or if the image directly relates to your message, solid, monochromatic text can sometimes detract from a picture’s visual impact. Transparent text gives you more design freedom. It can be seamlessly integrated into an image and can help communicate your message more effectively.

Here’s how to create transparent text in PowerPoint 2013.

  1. Create a text box (under Insert) and add your desired text. This text can’t be changed afterwards so make sure it’s correct.
  2. Draw a shape (Insert > Shape) and place it directly over your text.
  3. Click and drag a rectangle over both text and shape.
  4. Under Drawing Tools, go to Format > Merge Shapes and select Fragment. Your text and shape will be fragmented into pieces.
  5. Select the letters you want (select multiple letters with Ctrl + left-click) and drag them to the desired image. Right-click the letters and select Bring to Front to place the text over the image.
  6. Right-click the letters again. From the drop-down menu select Format Shape to choose your desired gradient fill or transparency.

    Follow these steps if you’re using PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

    1. Insert the image you want into your presentation.
    2. Go to Insert > Text Box and drag a text box over your image.
    3. Add your text. If the text box is selected, click on the Drawing Tools/Format
    4. Set effects for your text in the WordArt Styles
    5. Right-click on the text and select Format Text Effects. Go to Text Fill and select Solid Fill. Adjust the transparency slider as needed.
    6. You can also change the outline color, transparency, and thickness.

    In versions 2007 and 2010, you can easily edit your transparent text and move it as desired.

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