Insert Slide Numbers PowerPoint to Your Slides

Inserting numbers on your PowerPoint slides helps to order and structure your presentation. This is especially true for longer presentations. Setting Slide Numbers PowerPoint is actually pretty simple – we’ll show you how! Inserting PowerPoint Slide Numbers – Why they’re Useful So why might you need slide numbers? On a basic level, they keep your […]

The best PowerPoint Layout Tips and Tricks for your PowerPoint

A well-designed PowerPoint layout is essential for any presentation. Why? Simple: a visually interesting and coherent slide grabs your audience’s attention and makes you and your content look professional. A good PowerPoint layout creates a common thread running through your presentation by coordinating design elements. This allows your audience to easily follow the content of […]

Embed fonts in PowerPoint that's how it goes

Problem: When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, you happily use new fonts sourced online, or your company’s corporate font, but when you present on site, the font suddenly looks completely different and maybe even ruins your whole slide layout. Explanation: The font you’re using is non-standard; it’s installed on your PC but not on the […]

PowerPoint Storytelling: Use Emotions in your presentations

PowerPoint presentations have become an indispensable part of business life.  It can be challenging, however, to keep the audience interested in your topic, meaning less of a chance of convincing them of your ideas. If a presentation consists mainly of text, even the most innovative product idea can quickly lose the audience’s attention. Incorporating visually […]

Titelbild PowerPoint Rounded Corners16zu9

If you’ve already come across and been impressed by shapes or pictures with rounded corners in PowerPoint, you’ll know that they are a great way to make presentations look fresh, modern and elegant. It’s a simple way to use creative design to make your presentations really stand out! Today we’ll show you just how to […]

how to insert powerpoint notes into powerpoint

Whether you need to deliver an important presentation to company management or an academic breakthrough, you really can’t get by in 2022 without Microsoft Office PowerPoint. There are good reasons for this! Well-prepared PowerPoint presentations provide interesting visual background for your presentation, and memory aids for both you and your audience. They also serve as […]

11 tips for preparing a powerpoint presentation

In 2022, presentations are part of everyday life for anyone in business. Many people find it difficult to put together presentations that are both target-oriented and interesting, though. Getting the preparation and structuring right from the start is the basis of a successful presentation. A cogent and professionally presented presentation connects you to your clientele […]

Compress images

Pictures and videos can often make a PowerPoint presentation file too large. Here are some tips to compress PowerPoint images and media files and keep your file size in check. We recommend making a backup copy of your presentation before compressing it – any changes will be permanent when you save and close the new […]

viva presentation title 16zu9

The thought of an oral presentation can be a huge source of stress and anxiety for many students, while some just blossom in such situations. If you’re one of the former, though, don’t panic. With decent preparation and practice, you too can successfully master your viva presentation. But first: what is a viva presentation? Viva […]

action titles

Meaningful headers, known as action titles, add weight to your words. But what exactly are they? We’ll show you in today’s post. Action title: What is that? A good action title condenses the core message of your slide into one sentence. Your audience can immediately internalize the most important takeaway from your slide just by […]

Tutorial how to flip images in PowerPoint

PowerPoint gives you many ways to flip (mirror and/or rotate) images, objects and text. You can use flipping for pragmatic, layout-related reasons, or as a “disruptive factor” to attract attention. This article talks you through how to flip in PowerPoint. Flip images in PowerPoint A PowerPoint presentation gets its oomph from the way it looks, […]

create a PowerPoint presentation

Looking to create a PowerPoint presentation? Do you want to do it as quickly as possible, but still come out with a professional, effective and successful presentation? No problem. Keep reading to learn a ton of helpful tips and tricks. Why create a PowerPoint presentation? PowerPoint is the most popular software for creating presentations. PowerPoint […]

Presentation structure

The name PowerPoint says it all – a powerful tool for visualizing expressive content. With the right presentation structure, PowerPoint helps add weight to your ideas and statements through visual impact. Are you looking for the perfect presentation structure that provides lots of opportunities to inspire your audience? Not exactly sure where to start? Keep […]

Audience's needs title

As you prepare the presentation, you always need to bear in mind what the audience needs and wants to know, not what you can tell them. Your business audience is busy and decisive. It wants concise, no-nonsense information. Presentations often lead to decisions, so your first goal should be to help your audience see why […]

PowerPoint Networking that's how it works

LinkedIn, Xing, your personal blog – all are great tools for increasing your visibility in the business community. But what about networking with PowerPoint presentations? A presentation doesn’t have to end with the last slide. Engaging with your audience is the key to creating networking opportunities once your PowerPoint presentation is finished.  Networking: What is […]

avoid information overload

We’ve all heard the phrase “information overload.” People can only store up to 7 (± 2) units of information in short-term memory. Psychologist, George Miller performed research in which he found what he believed to be the limit of the human ability for processing information. You can find more information about his research here. However, […]

tools for your powerpoint online presentation

Demand for online presentations, and the programs to deliver them, has increased exponentially, especially in the last couple of years. Whether for business or in educational settings, being able to present well online is crucial in 2022, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Thanks to modern technologies, we can now present […]

Create Presentations with PowerPoint Online

Since the launch of Office 365, Microsoft has been making a push to optimize its Office suite for remote work. With the free version of PowerPoint Online, you can easily create presentations and share them with your audience.In this article, we’ll show you what features, advantages and disadvantages you can expect with PowerPoint Online. This […]