Timelines are a great option for presenting processes in a visually appealing and clear way. For more information on the various uses of timelines, take a look at our article Display Processes as a Timeline. How to Create Your Own Timelines First create a new, empty slide in your PowerPoint project. Click Insert > SmartArt. […]

Presentations are excellent opportunities for companies to introduce themselves and their employees to the public. Presentations help to enhance corporate identity and communicate the strengths and performance of a company. Products are rarely developed by one person alone. Companies should take every opportunity to showcase the team responsible for tomorrow’s innovations. This strengthens the trust […]

Presenting data is one of the most common features of presentations. Presenters often face the challenge of presenting data in a way that focuses the audience’s attention on their core statements. Presenting unstructured data series will inevitably lose the audience’s attention. They’ll spend their time and trying to interpret the numbers rather than listening to […]

Pictures and videos used in PowerPoint can make a presentation file too large. Here are some tips to compress images and media files in your presentation and keep the file size in check. We recommend that you make a backup copy of your presentation before compressing it, as the changes will be permanently applied when […]

PowerPoint’s Presenter View is the ideal companion tool for your presentation: It displays your speaker notes on your computer, while your audience is shown the notes-free presentation on another monitor. Many Useful Functions Presenter View offers numerous functions with which you can optimize and control the flow of your presentations: You can display your notes […]

Pie charts are a popular tool to present parts of a whole. They help visualize data in a clear and easy-to-understand way. However, like all other diagram types, they need to be used correctly. Pie charts are often used for the wrong data sets. When used in the right context, pie charts are effective and […]

Images are an essential part of presentations. Pictures evoke stronger emotions than text alone and help presenters to engage their audience. They are also much more memorable than other content. The correct use of images can make a presentation a huge success.. A professional presentation depends on a thorough review of images and their impact. […]

Financial figures play a key role in any business. They are the starting point for wide-ranging business decisions and contribute significantly to a company’s performance. Financial presentations serve to make this information and key figures available and accessible. Unfortunately, this type of presentation is often dry, overly complex and difficult to understand. Too much data […]

Microsoft is adding a new feature to PowerPoint: Presenter Coach. This AI-powered assistant is designed to help users practice and improve their public speaking skills. This feature will first come to PowerPoint for the web in English only. It will later be available for desktop and mobile devices, and in other languages. Feedback and AI-Assisted […]

A truly great presentation requires more than just well-researched facts and information. Overcoming the physical and emotional barriers between you and your audience and establishing a real connection with your audience is key. Physical Barriers Physical barriers can include anything from the distance between the audience and the stage, the position of the podium and […]

We are all familiar with the adage, “to err is human.” Even during presentations, bloopers, blunders and errors can trip presenters up. However, by taking the right action and dealing with mistakes correctly, your presentation can stay on track and still be a success. Accepting that mistakes happen and tackling them head on allows you […]

Gone are the days of structured presentations that focus purely on facts and figures. Today, flexibility and adaptability are a must. Due to an ever-increasing demand on time, it’s essential to present relevant information quickly and accurately rather than wasting your audience’s time with lengthy and possibly unnecessary slides. Depending on the topic of your […]

Vertical videos in presentations used to be considered unprofessional and a faux pas. These videos don’t fit traditional screens and end up suffering from degraded quality and unattractive black bars on the sides. But smartphones and social media apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, have changed the game. Vertical videos are right on-trend. Companies looking […]

Dashboards, also known as cockpit or dashboard charts, help to clearly present statistical data. They allow you to present several statistics on one page and provide an overview of important project information. Diagrams and tables, as well as graphics such as speedometers, progress bars and symbolic hazard lights, can be used for this purpose. Dashboards […]

Team presentations are becoming more and more popular. One good example of this is Apple Inc., which now focuses exclusively on team presentations. No single presenter speaks for more than ten minutes, regardless of the overall length of the presentation. Although this form of presentation is admittedly more time-consuming and complicated to prepare than a […]

Mistakes happen to everyone. In presentations, they can occur in the form of incorrect figures or misleading facts. Sometimes the information presented calls into question, or even criticizes, the company policy of one of your audience members, while other times funny anecdotes fall flat. In short, lots of things can go wrong during a presentation. […]

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your entire presentation just to get to a specific slide? You don’t have to. Here are two handy shortcuts you can use in presentation mode: Shortcut #1 To go to a specific slide, type its number and then press Enter. For example, if you want to view slide […]

Hyperlinks are great for sourcing online material and videos during a presentation. The downside is, they can be a bit of an eyesore. The blue underlined font tends to stand out and can ruin the overall aesthetic of your slides. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to create subtle hyperlinks that don’t interfere with […]