July 16, 2013

10 Pointers on How to Present Like a Pro with PowerPoint

To present with PowerPoint is not as easy as it looks – even though Microsoft offers tons of design-help with its software, to create a professional presentation turns out to be a lot of hard work. If not putting in the effort, often enough you end up with dreary monotonous slides filled either with too much or too little text.

This is why we want to offer you these 10 pointers which can be implemented quickly in your technique and will your PowerPoint skills to the next level.

  1. Share your enthusiasm for your subject with your audience – let them feel your passion!
  2. Try to talk freely without using any cheat sheets or cards.
  3. Stick to using only one pic or graph or short sentence per slide and try not to use a smaller font size than 30p!
  4. Less is more: set your max at 7 words per slide.
  5. Choose a simple design for your slides and forgo special effects, clip arts or stock photos.
  6. Place your company logo only on your title and final slide.
  7. Give your listeners some food for thought with a quote or question right at the beginning of your presentation.
  8. Tell stories and anecdotes and involve your audience and their emotions.
  9. Practice your presentation multiple times before the big day.
  10. Check all the technical equipment (e.g. projector, microphone) and be sure to have your laptop all charged and ready to go.

Passion is essential when presenting – if you do not like your topic you will not be able to convince others either. Thus it is important to thoroughly study your topic and have a bunch of background knowledge, so that you can answer any question and inform your audience extensively. The more you know of a topic, the more passionate you will become.

The best way to transport your message is by speaking freely without reading off of any notes. Keeping eye contact with your auditorium will make you seem more communicative and thus keep them alert and on their toes.

PowerPoint slides offer a lot of room for text and important content – but beware: less is more! Try to use one well-designed graph per slide – no more. When texting be sure to write in 30p or bigger and using ca. 7 words per slide; this way you avoid squeezing too much text on one slide.

If you want to focus on a consistent and stylish design, try to use something simple and elegant. Instead of adding clip arts or sterile stock photos rather use pre-designed graphics, charts or diagrams. You can choose from a large selection at PresentationLoad.com.

Concerning your company’s logo, it is more than enough to have it once on the title- and finishing slide. This way you direct the attention of your listeners to the company without being too intrusive.

By choosing a fitting quotation or question for the beginning of your presentation, you can get your listeners attention right from the start. Interaction inspires, creating suspense and emotions – best achieved with storytelling: use metaphors to make your topic more interesting and to bring in new ideas from different areas. This will involve and fascinate your audience right from the start.

The most important part of a good presentation is one of the oldest tips at all: practice, practice, practice. Also be sure to have your laptop battery charged and the microphone and projector in place and functioning – nothing is more relaxing than knowing it all works and you can fully concentrate on the content of your presentation. Good luck!

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