February 4, 2013

16:9 vs. 4:3 – New Default Format in Office PowerPoint 2013

On January 29th, Microsoft released after a long, intensive trial period its latest edition of Office in the version 2013- The user interface of the package is completely revised and adjusted to the metro-design of Windows 8. Now we’d like to focus on the layout format, which is causing quite a stir in PowerPoint 2013.

Widescreen – A new Standard

Starting the new PowerPoint version, you will immediately notice a start screen similar to the one introduced by Windows 8. This new start screen shall enhance the usability and simplify the start of a new PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft also introduced the widescreen format 16:9. More and more TV’s and PC’s are changing to wide screen and large electronic companies are supporting this format and keep producing computer screens, notebooks and beamers to fit the 16:9 format and establish it worldwide. For Microsoft it was obvious to follow this trend and also optimize Office 2013 in 16:9 format.

The widescreen format is a great tool for those who are already accustomed to it in their daily routine. 4:3 users will soon have to readjust. It’s possible to switch to 4:3 and you will still be able to create PowerPoint presentations in the old format but changing the back and forth could quickly be an annoying thing to do. In one of our next blog posts we will have a focus on this issue. We will provide you with useful tips on how to set the 4:3 as default.

16:9 as Default – The Reasons

With the establishment of the widescreen format Microsoft intended to communicate it’s contemporary style and innovativeness. In comparison to Apple, Microsoft suffers from a frumpy reputation for a few years now. Thus it was clear that Microsoft wanted to meet the standard with establishing the popular widescreen format. It is realistic to anticipate the future presentations more often displayed on large LCD screens which provide a better image quality. Additionally more and more workstations will be equipped with 16:9 monitors. Besides the contemporary look the new widescreen format also provides continual benefits: You can place more information on one slide than before without reducing particular design elements.

Our conclusion: The 16:9 format provides you with a lot of advantages. It is definitely the format of the future – even for creating impressive PowerPoint presentations.

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