September 24, 2015

5 Tips For A Successful Ending to Your Presentation

Make your presentation outstanding: Although every part of a presentation is important, the ending is especially relevant for how the audience will remember you. Even the very best presentations are only as good as their compelling ending. Here are 5 helpful tips to make the ending of your presentation outstanding.

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1.) Focus on your audience – they are the center of your presentation

Your presentation should convey something new to the audience so that they learn, internalize and then share with others. Consider yourself to be like a Yoda, guiding your audience through various obstacles and leading them to draw a final conclusion. To make sure your audience owns this conclusion it is much more effective to include them by using a phrase such as, “We can conclude that,” instead of “I conclude.” Make sure the endof your presentation doesn’t merely revolve around you and avoid the first person singular. Kepp eye contact with your audience during your presentation. Consider the following questions:

  • What do I want the audience to understand at the end of my presentation? What is the main message and how can I present it in the most understandable way?
  • How do I want the listener to feel?
  • How can I convey a sense of unity to make my audience feel more included?
  • How will the audience remember my presentation and its end?Address the audience personally and use phrases like “now we know that…” or “now we can be clear that.” The more you empathize with the audience, the more you´ll be able to transfer your content.

2.) Let the Speech talk for itself

Be confident of yourself and of your presentation! People won’t listen to you if they aren’t interested in what you have to say. Avoid phrases like, “I hope you liked my presentation,” or “I hope you learned that,” or “I hope it wasn’t too boring for you.” Even if you’ve gotten a good response in the past with using such comments, it won’t work in your favor. Engage and entertain your audience, but seeking for affirmation will make you seem unprofessional and will give the impression that you depend on outside acknowledgment. Even the best presentation faces the risk of ending on a negative note.

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3.) Don’t announce the end of the presentation – it´ll reveal itself

Try not to refer to the ending, for it will seem like…

  • …you want your presentation to end
  • …you want to release the audience from listening to you
  • …you are not even convinced about the topic of your presentation and are bored yourself

Avoid this mistake during your presentation: The audience will lose interest in your presentation as soon as you call attention to your ending. Instead, focus on summarizing the essentials and leading them to a conclusion. Using PowerPoint improves your presentation, because this way you visualize complex topics in an easy way.

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4.) Develop an effective and powerful final sentence for the end of your presentation – don’t end with “thank you”

Many people end their presentation with thanking their audience and inherently, there is nothing wrong with being appreciative of the audience’s time. However, it is a weak close and often only used because the speaker didn’t prepare an ending, so it is the only way to signal to the audience that they’re finished.

Your final words will at the end of your presentation be food for your audience to chew on. It is your final chance to convey your message and leave a lasting mark. If the closing were to be the only thing the audience remembered, you probably wouldn’t want to leave behind a thank you, but rather some kind of call to action after your presentation, like “invest in your future” or “join our organization.” To make your last sentence influential, consider these tips:

  • Keep the last sentence short and clear.
  • Check the consistency in style of the last sentence and the rest of the presentation.
  • Try to evoke a positive atmosphere with your final words at the ending of the presentation.
  • Give a lasting send-off that sticks with your audience.

5.) New thoughts cause trouble

Avoid introducing something new! After an almost successful ending of your presentation, you don´t want to cause confusion at the very last moment by bringing in new aspects. This will only distract from the leading conclusion you are trying to convey. If there are further thoughts that are important to your topic, just integrate them before your presentation ends. In that cace, new aspects won´t be wasted and the ending will be focused on the essential topic.

A good presentation functions while a great ending convinces.

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