November 13, 2018

Animations in PowerPoint – Get Started!

Although PowerPoint is best known as a program for presentations, it also offers some other really cool features. One of them is the ability to create animations and export them as video files. Saving these videos separately means you can use them in a variety of ways outside of PowerPoint. Now you won’t have to buy an animation program such as Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects to create beautiful videos.

We’ve put together a collection of really versatile and practical effects for you so you can create your own animations in PowerPoint:

Moving Objects

These PowerPoint effects allow you to move graphics or objects in straight and curved lines:

  • Use the Fly In You can the go to Effect Options to choose which direction the object should fly in from.
  • You can use Arcs, Turns and Shapes to animate your object. Under Effect Options, you can choose the direction of the object or change the path of the object with Edit Points.
  • You can also use Custom Path to create a customized animation.

Scale Objects

These three effects can be used to change the scale of your object:

  • Grow/Shrink allows you to adjust the size of you object, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Use the Zoom effect to zoom in on your object or graphic and provide a more detailed view.
  • Grow & Turn enlarges the object as it turns direction. In PowerPoint 2013, you can decrease the object size as it turns with Shrink & Turn.

Change the Opacity/Transparency of Objects

These effects change the color saturation of your object. They can be combined with motion and growth effects to create a really impressive animation.

These PowerPoint effects are called:

  • Darken
  • and Lighten.

Save Animations as Videos

The final step is to save your animations as videos. Go to File and select Save As. In PowerPoint 2010, you can only save your video as a WMV file; MPEG4 is an option from PowerPoint 2013 on.

Combine Animations

Adjust the timing and fluidity of the effects to keep your animations consistent and smooth and avoid any choppiness in your videos. The effects we outlined above can be quickly combined into a fluid and stylish animation.

You can create truly individual and interesting animations by combining different PowerPoint effects. With all that PowerPoint offers, you have infinite animation possibilities at your fingertips.

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