July 28, 2010

Bring structure and interactivity to your PowerPoint presentation!

A division makes it easier for you to structure the content of your presentation and to divide for meaningful topics / chapters. It is not always easy to combine spontaneous interactivity, like questions of your audience with a well-structured PowerPoint presentation. We will show you how.

First you need to think about the purpose of your presentation. Would you like to inform, entertain or persuade your listener – or maybe all in one? The goal of your presentation also determines the structure of your content. Motivate your audience at the beginning of your presentation to participate actively and interact with questions to create the presentation with you. To do so you should communicate clearly the benefits of an interactive presentation. Respond to counter questions from the audience. The same applies of course also for you: involve your audience in your presentation by asking questions. By keeping the presentation interactive you raise the attention of the audience. Repeat your key messages and visualize them by reviewing the slide once more, which is helpful to transmit that message. Another possibility is to include external web pages and videos in your presentation.

Learn here how you make an interaction possible:

Think about a good structure for your presentation first of all by topic. As PowerPoint experts, we recommend the use of tabs for structuring your presentation content. Create an outline in advance: via a navigation with tabs you can jump through previous links at any time with one click between slides in your presentation and chapters back and forth without leaving the presentation mode. To answer counter-questions from the audience you can call up the relevant topic slide and use it as the basis to answer your questions. You can also use the tabs as multimedia buttons by linking to external web sites or included videos in your presentation.

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Your advantages in an overview:

    1. Perfect structure: Structure your presentation content
    2. Great interactivity: Navigate through your presentation with tabs
    3. Exact status display: the tabs will show you the slide you are currently on.
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  1. Interaction is the key to any presentation, with or without Powerpoint slides. Great tips.


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