June 5, 2020

Call to Action for Your Presentations

The worst thing you can do at the end of your presentation is close with a thank you or a slide that says, “Thank you for your attention”. You are missing the opportunity to place concrete calls for action (call-to-action) or a summary at the end of your presentation.

Every presentation should focus on a specific goal, whether it’s simply to inform or motivate the audience to perform a certain action, such as buying a product, requesting further information, visiting a website, etc. The last slide plays a crucial role in the success of your presentation and in your overall message. Your final slide should clearly state what you expect from your audience and what you would like them to do afterwards.


The most important tips for designing your closing slide:

1. Use the last slide to inform your audience about what they can do next. This is called a call to action.

2. Use your call to action or point out the next steps to direct your audience to a goal. This may be in the form of giving feedback on your presentation, writing an online review, signing up for your newsletter, visiting a specific website, or contacting you through social media. Be specific here, but don’t overdo it. Preferably use only 1-2 calls for action.

3. With internal presentations or project status reports, the next steps should be defined at the end of the meeting and work packages distributed. Who should complete which tasks and by when?

4. Tell your audience what they can do now. Give clear instructions and goals. Would you like a final decision from your superiors on a project proposal? Then highlight this on a slide with a clear written statement and leave it until the end.

Summary: Conclude your presentation successfully

Successful sales transactions and PowerPoint presentations always depend on the perfect conclusion and design of your closing slide. Even before you start your presentation, you need to keep your goals in mind and develop a closing that will stay in the minds of your audience and motivate them to take the actions you have planned.

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