Isn’t it annoying when you are invited to a symposium or a series of lectures and the presentations are visually more or less narcotic? No matter how good the topic is, without smashing design the presentation will hardly gain attention. Transmit knowledge more vividly and attractive. To simplify the creation of a professional speech, we […]

In our previous blog post, we introduced a 3-step plan as a useful tool it helps to create a presentation by focusing on content. However, the technical aspect is also relevant. While preparing your presentation you should consider these aspects: Which technical equipment is required? Are there any other facilities you need to bring along? […]

Creating a presentation for the first time can seem like a big task. Often there is only little time to become familiar with the topic but the presentation is supposed to be perfect and convince the audience. No reason to panic: With a little planning and structure you will create a great presentation in no […]

The keynote speaker and Business Mentalist Norman Alexander, teaches sales staff, advisers and managers how to use their mental capabilities in presentations and negotiations. In our interview he talks about useful tips and his “mind hacking” method. Birthe Klementowski: You are a German keynote speaker, author and Business Mentalist. What exactly do you do as […]

There are many critical voices which find the fault of a bad presentation in PowerPoint. They speak of the lack of motivation that PowerPoint speakers have or the boredom such a presentation can elicit. Furthermore, the known phrase “Death by PowerPoint” is taken very seriously be a Swiss party which tries to calculate how high […]

PowerPoint presentations are part of a Manager’s everyday work life. However, it is not always easy with the stress and lack of time, to create an interesting and productive presentation. If a few things are attended to right at the start, a good presentation can be created quite quickly. These five tips help you to […]

Imagine the following situation: you have prepared a great PowerPoint presentation, your beamer is working smoothly and your microphone and laptop have been sound-checked leaving you perfectly prepared for your presentation. But then, as soon as you start speaking, you forget what you had planned to say, you begin to stutter and your voice sounds […]

Your hands are sweaty, your heart is pounding and your stomach is feeling queasy. Many people live through these feelings before a big presentation in front of an audience. The closer the big day comes, the more anxious one gets. Even renowned speaker know what it feels like to have stage-fright or be uncertain before […]

Our new infographics is available: Create the perfect presentation (part 2) You are not a friend of many words? If you like to illustrate information into easily understandable but complex graphics, you may discover our infographics are the perfect tool for you! Part 2 of our series “creating the perfect presentation” is meant for any […]

To present with PowerPoint is not as easy as it looks – even though Microsoft offers tons of design-help with its software, to create a professional presentation turns out to be a lot of hard work. If not putting in the effort, often enough you end up with dreary monotonous slides filled either with too […]

You do not want to waste your time on presenting monotonous text and boring numbers in your PowerPoint presentation? Who would? This is why we have added a new category to our blog: from now on we will equip you with a regularly posted infographic on tips & tricks for successful presentations. Each Infographic will […]

Every company is dependent on effective marketing measures. Well thought-through strategies can help catapult a business quickly in the minds of the consumer. Especially for small and medium-sized firms a detailed marketing plan is essential. Just as important as the marketing plan itself, however, is the well-planned implementation of such. If only a few small […]

As a newbie with business-presentations, a lot of little mistakes and detours are bound to happen. For some it may be quite familiar to create PowerPoint presentations with accurate graphs and images – but others may find it incredibly fastidious and time-consuming. For those who appreciate tools which make it easier to create great PowerPoint […]

When regularly presenting with PowerPoint on the job, a few basics should always be respected: Keep the audience interested and ideally be enthusiastic about your topic as well. Keeping an audience concentrated is not an easy task – requiring not only solid rhetoric skills but also sound knowledge of the topic itself. Why not learn […]

Attracting your audience’s attention and keeping it – it’s the goal of every presenter and an art in itself. Here are some tips on how to give your presentation that extra something to get your audience on board right from the start. Here are seven tips to get your presentation off on the right foot. […]

Self-presentations in Assessment Centers have become more and more popular in the last few years. Applicants are asked to illustrate their weaknesses and strengths in presentations. Learn how to better present yourself. Congratulations, you are invited to a job interview! In addition to the interview the employer expects a self-presentation of your career and skills. […]

You have to present in front of your superiors and you are eager to leave a lasting impression and win their trust? Here are five tips for stunning presentations. No one can imagine the daily business without presentations any more. Presentations are an essential part of the daily business routine by now – easy for […]

The market and the growing demands for companies and their services and products change rapidly. The increasing competition is forcing companies and businesses to revise their current orientation or start to think differently after the recession phase.

How can you figure out the best strategy which can target business leads again? Which method can analyze best…  Continue reading