4 reasons why stories deliver results, 10 tips of how to tell them and 5 things you should avoid.

The Science Behind Quotes and How to Use Them: 8 Benefits, 5 Tips + Bonus Quotations not only serve to reinforce your claims and boost your credibility, but they also have the potential to stimulate the mind and unlock a more intimate connection with your audience. A great quote encapsulates an idea or thought, it can […]

The year ahead will also be filled with plenty of appointments, dates and business goals. To provide a well-structured overview for you, PresentationLoad has created an annual PowerPoint calendar. Conventions, congress, conferences and meetings – these are some of the scheduled company events. One can easily lose track of all those commitments so that it […]

In terms of modern graphical PowerPoint design, long shadow effects and flat design are very popular. We have combined both effects resulting in a series of templates with sound bites in typographic style. How to turn your presentation into an eyecatcher. Are you tired of all those slick and polished 3D texts in PowerPoint presentations? […]

Images play an important part in any presentation. Not only the look but also colors and size are of high relevance. Here you will learn more about choosing the right images to have the best possible effect. Just follow three simple suggestions. Less is More You may ask yourself how many images or pictures you […]

The world-wide web is an omnipresent tool of our daily as well as our professional life which implies that online job application is the most common thing to do nowadays. Companies seek employees themselves by using social networks and checking online profiles. To help you to use those features most adequately, this article will provide […]

Two thirds of ocean life is still undiscovered until this present day. By using the analogy of the wide undiscovered ocean, the Blue Ocean Strategy refers to the idea that most parts of the market are undisclosed and uncontested. A new market can be created by merging old and new ideas. Use the Blue Ocean […]

Whether you are at a meeting, a conference or present results of an important project – short presentations are an omnipresent part of any professional life. Crucial for a successful performance is a good and sophisticated preparation. To help you preparing, the following article will provide with some suggestions. Two Types of Short Presentations Short […]

Pecha Kucha is an expression that will pass your way when you are interested in presentation techniques. You may doubt that something that sounds like an Indian curry dish can be an extraordinary technique to deliver a very special performance. Let us provide you with some facts about Pecha Kucha that can improve your own […]

It may happen that you run unexpectedly into one of the leading characters of your company. A situation like this would be the perfect chance to present one of your new innovative ideas which has been running through your head all that time. But, as always, time is running and you can only introduce yourself […]

To be as convincing and impressive as possible, not only a perfect outlook of your presentation is recommended, but also an adequate use of phrases, keywords and proverbs. Widely known proverbs or quotes provoke certain connotations in your audience and help you to make powerful statements. Deliver an unforgettable performance by following some simple suggestions. […]

Have you ever attended a presentation that seemed to go on forever? The presenter was insecure, the slides were packed with information, and the speaker’s voice was to low and monotone. Mistakes and flaws are made so often in business presentations. In this article we would like to address some issues and the way how […]

When you think of a road map, don’t you think of vacation time, trips with your family, searching the holiday apartment as well as adventurous trips into the unknown? Road maps give us this special sense of security of knowing our destination. This is the principle behind road maps in business presentations. They are illustrated […]

Paper is a wonderful tool for crafting awesome things. If you have kids you may already know: You can fold paper and cut out creative patterns like snowflakes or flowers. We took this paper art as example for our PowerPoint templates and created a new slide set with amazing paper cut graphics. They elegantly combine […]

Isn’t it annoying when you are invited to a symposium or a series of lectures and the presentations are visually more or less narcotic? No matter how good the topic is, without smashing design the presentation will hardly gain attention. Transmit knowledge more vividly and attractive. To simplify the creation of a professional speech, we […]

In our previous blog post, we introduced a 3-step plan as a useful tool it helps to create a presentation by focusing on content. However, the technical aspect is also relevant. While preparing your presentation you should consider these aspects: Which technical equipment is required? Are there any other facilities you need to bring along? […]

Creating a presentation for the first time can seem like a big task. Often there is only little time to become familiar with the topic but the presentation is supposed to be perfect and convince the audience. No reason to panic: With a little planning and structure you will create a great presentation in no […]

The keynote speaker and Business Mentalist Norman Alexander, teaches sales staff, advisers and managers how to use their mental capabilities in presentations and negotiations. In our interview he talks about useful tips and his “mind hacking” method. Birthe Klementowski: You are a German keynote speaker, author and Business Mentalist. What exactly do you do as […]