To present with PowerPoint is not as easy as it looks – even though Microsoft offers tons of design-help with its software, to create a professional presentation turns out to be a lot of hard work. If not putting in the effort, often enough you end up with dreary monotonous slides filled either with too […]

You do not want to waste your time on presenting monotonous text and boring numbers in your PowerPoint presentation? Who would? This is why we have added a new category to our blog: from now on we will equip you with a regularly posted infographic on tips & tricks for successful presentations. Each Infographic will […]

When regularly presenting with PowerPoint on the job, a few basics should always be respected: Keep the audience interested and ideally be enthusiastic about your topic as well. Keeping an audience concentrated is not an easy task – requiring not only solid rhetoric skills but also sound knowledge of the topic itself. Why not learn […]

Attracting your audience’s attention and keeping it – it’s the goal of every presenter and an art in itself. Here are some tips on how to give your presentation that extra something to get your audience on board right from the start. Here are seven tips to get your presentation off on the right foot. […]

Self-presentations in Assessment Centers have become more and more popular in the last few years. Applicants are asked to illustrate their weaknesses and strengths in presentations. Learn how to better present yourself. Congratulations, you are invited to a job interview! In addition to the interview the employer expects a self-presentation of your career and skills. […]

You have to present in front of your superiors and you are eager to leave a lasting impression and win their trust? Here are five tips for stunning presentations. No one can imagine the daily business without presentations any more. Presentations are an essential part of the daily business routine by now – easy for […]

A division makes it easier for you to structure the content of your presentation and to divide for meaningful topics / chapters. It is not always easy to combine spontaneous interactivity, like questions of your audience with a well-structured PowerPoint presentation. We will show you how. First you need to think about the purpose of […]

How to present! Most businesses prefer the Office-program PowerPoint to create a company- and marketing presentation. As the author, you need the required expertise to elaborate the content and also creative skills to permute the slides and charts in a visual appealing way. The following advice will assist you to find the main topics and […]