How to insert Dummy Text in PowerPoint

In some cases, it can be helpful to project dummy text onto the slide during presentations to better illustrate content. In this article, we will show you three different options of how to insert dummy texts into your presentation quickly and easily. What are dummy texts? A dummy text is something that can be used […]

Pitch Presentation with PowerPoint: Tips&Tricks

You’ll probably have heard the word “pitch” in connection with PowerPoint and business ideas – but what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important in business? This article will explain why pitch presentations are so vital, how to create a pitch presentation and what type of pitch might be suitable for your […]

answer these 5 w questions in preparation of your presentations

During your presentation preparation, you should always keep your audience in mind. To achieve this and meet your presentation goals, you should focus on answering the question that we will introduce in this article. We will also show you how to answer the questions as detailed as possible for your purposes. The 5 questions You […]

Tables and Figures in PowerPoint

Annual reports, financial plans, or calculations: Too many tables and figures often seem unnecessarily complex. In a presentation this can quickly seem overwhelming and irritate the audience. In most cases, however, numbers are useful and unavoidable. This makes it even more important to be able to convince with a minimalist, clearly structured overall appearance of […]

10/20/30 rule for better presentations

What does a perfect PowerPoint presentation even look like? This is a question that many speakers still ask themselves. And still, every now and again the audience almost falls asleep during a presentation. Online and on social media, there are multiple tips and tricks for good presentations. Some of these are useless, but some of […]

PowerPoint Backgound: tips and tricks

A slide background is a key design element in any PowerPoint presentation – its visual impact and value should never be underestimated. But choosing the right background can be a challenge. In this article, you will learn how to change, edit and customize the PowerPoint background to match your corporate style. Make your presentation pop […]

PowerPoint Presentation Define Goal

The way it often goes is that you start with a great idea, and eagerly start to work towards realizing it.  Your goal seems clear!  Then as you go along, more goals start to sprout.  New ideas and new goals can quickly crowd out your original clarity, and as your thoughts are a mess, the […]

10 secrets for creating perfect Presentations

To give an excellent presentation, there are many things you need to consider. While many criteria seem self-evident, there are many points that you may not be aware of. We present 12 secrets for a top presentation in this short article. 12 secrets that will help you create top presentations! #1 Passion If you want […]

Use Handouts to Enhance your PowerPoints

Got a  presentation coming up and need to create a useful handout to complement it? Great idea – but how do you go about it? Many people think handouts are just used in college, but in the business world they can be really useful to reinforce the content of your presentation. Whether it’s a business […]

How to choose the right PowerPoint title for your Presentations

Many of you might be aware: finding a matching title for your slides can be a challenge. The title says a lot about your presentation and is the first crucial aspect of whether your audience will pay attention to you or not. In this article, we will show you how to find a good title […]

PowerPoint Storytelling: Use Emotions in your presentations

PowerPoint presentations have become an indispensable part of business life.  It can be challenging, however, to keep the audience interested in your topic, meaning less of a chance of convincing them of your ideas. If a presentation consists mainly of text, even the most innovative product idea can quickly lose the audience’s attention. Incorporating visually […]

Benefits of Your PowerPoint Topic

Anyone who’s ever created a PowerPoint presentation knows what it’s like. You spend weeks intensively putting together your presentation and preparing for your talk. Then the time finally comes: it’s the day of the presentation. That decisive day when you have to be convincing to get your message across and achieve your goals. Your audience […]

Say no to stock images in presentations

Thanks to perfect-looking models and smiling, hand-shaking employees they usually look good at first glance: stock images. We all know them, and we’ve probably used them before. But even, if this sounds promising at first, stock photos stage an illusory world over and over again and thus create a certain distance to your customers. In […]

Good Presentations with few preparation time

Here’s how to create a presentation without much preparation time, and what you need to keep in mind! Every now and then it happens: You find yourself in a situation where you are expected to spontaneously give a presentation. Despite the fact that you have virtually no time to prepare for it. This can make […]

Present your Presentations like Aristotle

Although techniques used long before our time may seem outdated at first glance, there is much that philosophers like Aristotle have taught that can still help us today. This includes, for example, that Aristotle taught that a memorable speech rests on three pillars. In this post, we’ll explain what these are and how you can […]

Use PowerPoint SmartArt Tool in Presentations

These days, most PowerPoint presentations are used to present solutions to problems. This might be in front of management, colleagues or at university. PowerPoint SmartArt gives users the tools to communicate information using graphics. In this article, we’ll introduce you to several ways you can use PowerPoint SmartArt in your presentation and impress your audience. […]

Create beautiful Bar Charts in PowerPoint

Many presentations would be unthinkable without diagrams. With diagrams you visualize your data, numbers or facts better than with pure text blocks. In addition, charts visually enhance your slides and have an appealing effect on your audience. Today we will show you how to prepare bar charts even better for your slides. Bar chart: What […]


Everyone that goes shopping from time time knows it: the agony of choosing what to buy. You wrote down mild detergent on your shopping list. But there isn’t just one detergent in the grocery store you have come to. There is multiple brands and kinds of detergent. Which one to choose? The one your grandmother […]