Our new infographics is available: Create the perfect presentation (part 2) You are not a friend of many words? If you like to illustrate information into easily understandable but complex graphics, you may discover our infographics are the perfect tool for you! Part 2 of our series “creating the perfect presentation” is meant for any […]

You do not want to waste your time on presenting monotonous text and boring numbers in your PowerPoint presentation? Who would? This is why we have added a new category to our blog: from now on we will equip you with a regularly posted infographic on tips & tricks for successful presentations. Each Infographic will […]

Infographics are the newest trend. With the internet overflowing with information and complex ideas, infographics help to visualize knowledge in a compact and clear way. Additionally, infographics are easy to implement in various different media: on social media channels such as Facebook or Pinterest or in blog articles to underline certain factoids. Since Infographics can […]