A PowerPoint presentation is no longer just about pure text. Nowadays, fully written slides feel outdated while using pictures and other visual tools has become the norm. Mind maps have become extremely popular. A PowerPoint mind map is a tool frequently used in the business sector to visualize complex content.  It structures key content in […]

The so-called Scrum means an agile software development process and makes any product development efficient, but also challenging. The different stages and complexities you may face when applying the Scrum method is here explained. Scrum Background  Scrum was developed during the 1990’s by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland on the basis of Ikujiro Nonaka’s and […]

Do you ever become passionate about a vision that you would like to implement… and preferably immediately? You sit down and quickly establish some goals, but the minute you have it in front of you, new versions of the vision formulate and you somehow lose sight of the original purpose. Often, we have the right […]

The Science Behind Quotes and How to Use Them: 8 Benefits, 5 Tips + Bonus Quotations not only serve to reinforce your claims and boost your credibility, but they also have the potential to stimulate the mind and unlock a more intimate connection with your audience. A great quote encapsulates an idea or thought, it can […]

Customers have asked us many times if there was a device or tool for PowerPoint that can be used to dynamically display time periods during a presentation. To leave no customer unsatisfied, we have designed and developed the “Dynamic Time Add-In.” With the help of our revolutionary tool you can easily show any kind of […]

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. The Functions of a Metaphor Metaphors are an integral part of our everyday language and are used daily, whether consciously or unconsciously. As for […]

Have you ever developed a product and ended up in a dead end? You waste only resources and energy and it all leads to nothing in the end? Then, it is time for a new way of approaching your goals. Agile Project Management was established in the last couple of years and is such an […]

One of the most crucial elements of public relations work of companies is targeted social media marketing. Flat Design Social Media Templates include a collection of icons and logos of social media networks, which will vividly illustrate your company’s communication channels. Important events on social media monitoring which give information on the success of a […]

2015 is at the ready and PresentationLoad has a little present for you: In our online shop we offer you a selection of free animated PowerPoint templates to celebrate New Year’s Eve. To celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends and family the PresentationLoad team has another seasonal special for you. At our online shop […]

It’s Christmas time and PresentationLoad offers you a large selection of free downloadable Christmas motives to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations and greeting cards. It’s Christmas time! To celebrate the holiday season with your friends and family we have a seasonal special for you. PresentationLoad offers you a large selection of free Christmas PowerPoint templates. With […]

In terms of modern graphical PowerPoint design, long shadow effects and flat design are very popular. We have combined both effects resulting in a series of templates with sound bites in typographic style. How to turn your presentation into an eyecatcher. Are you tired of all those slick and polished 3D texts in PowerPoint presentations? […]

The PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis) is a tool to analyze the market situation and originates in the field of strategic management. As the term implies, the concerned factors include the political, economic, social and technological situation of the market which is examined. The PEST analysis is a perfect foundation to navigate […]

Timelines are a popular design tool in PowerPoint. But many associate it with a thin line with monotonous lined data. Our motto is: boring was yesterday. We have developed PowerPoint timelines that certainly add more pep to your presentation, and show the versatile applications of timelines. Make Company History Alive Many companies that have been […]

Especially with complex production processes, it often comes to inefficiencies. A value chain analysis helps you to identify and eliminate them. Learn how to create a value chain and how to proceed in the subsequent analysis, in this article. What Is a Value Chain? A value chain is a method for strategic analyses of manufacturing […]

Even the best business ideas only work with the right business model. The more sophisticated and targeted, the greater the chance of success. Be clever: Create from the beginning a Business Model Canvas in PowerPoint. Learn now what you should watch out for! The Business Model Canvas was developed in 2004 by Dr. Alexander Osterwalder […]

With a Canvas Product all relevant information of a planning process can be clearly presented on one page. Thereby, it is possible to each of the product development stakeholders at any time, to obtain information about the current status of the planning process.   The Product Canvas is developed by Roman Pichler method from the […]

Your organizer is bursting at all seams, you are running from one meeting to the other and on top you have to hold an important presentation? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete presentation for your business sector already prepared for days like these? Difficult puzzling in PowerPoint would be over and all necessary […]

Efficient Time-Planning with PowerPoint Time is limited and therefore valuable. Who hasn’t at least once wished for more time or regretted wasting time? To get the best out of your available amount of time, a thoughtful time-planning is essential. Avoid unnecessary stress by keeping track of important dates and deadlines. This post shows you how […]