Isn’t it annoying when you are invited to a symposium or a series of lectures and the presentations are visually more or less narcotic? No matter how good the topic is, without smashing design the presentation will hardly gain attention. Transmit knowledge more vividly and attractive. To simplify the creation of a professional speech, we […]

Do you remember your last visit of a metropolitan city? What impressed you the most?The special ambience of the city, people, landmarks or perhaps fine food? There are many things to discover in the cities of the world. All of them have a certain charm, a special history, beautiful buildings, and many sights for tourists. […]

The Dice – A Symbol of Eternity Think of dice. What pictures or words come to your mind? For most people images and words of board games, gambling, socializing and joy take form in front of their inner eye. But some also think of wholeness: the game of life, the inevitable, unchangeable, steady and consistent. […]

Do you travel frequently and visit big cities all over the world? Or does your company have locations in various countries and you have to commute on a regular basis? Of course not only business is a reason to travel – we live in a global world, where many visit different countries and cultures to […]

A convincing PowerPoint presentation is interesting and diverting; especially if the content of the presentation is coined at a specific target audience and caters to their needs. For this reason, some of you might have several similar presentations which only differ from one another by 2-3 slides. If these files are all saved in a […]

As a newbie with business-presentations, a lot of little mistakes and detours are bound to happen. For some it may be quite familiar to create PowerPoint presentations with accurate graphs and images – but others may find it incredibly fastidious and time-consuming. For those who appreciate tools which make it easier to create great PowerPoint […]

The market and the growing demands for companies and their services and products change rapidly. The increasing competition is forcing companies and businesses to revise their current orientation or start to think differently after the recession phase.

How can you figure out the best strategy which can target business leads again? Which method can analyze best…  Continue reading

PresentationLoad offers many presentation templates and designs that you can open and edit Microsoft PowerPoint. But what if you are not a Microsoft-user used to alternative office software? Even in this case, you are still able to use our professional-looking presentation slides. All PresentationLoad templates Office and Apple Keynote are opened and used both in […]

You need flexible and professional templates for a PowerPoint presentation but you just can’t find the adequate slides? Let us give you a little assistance and guide you through our online store The first step is to determine which purpose serves your presentation. It is a “regular” business presentation, a product introduction or the […]