Your organizer is bursting at all seams, you are running from one meeting to the other and on top you have to hold an important presentation? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete presentation for your business sector already prepared for days like these? Difficult puzzling in PowerPoint would be over and all necessary […]

Efficient Time-Planning with PowerPoint Time is limited and therefore valuable. Who hasn’t at least once wished for more time or regretted wasting time? To get the best out of your available amount of time, a thoughtful time-planning is essential. Avoid unnecessary stress by keeping track of important dates and deadlines. This post shows you how […]

To be honest: What is more exhausting than barren presentations without any pep? Let us add more color to the presentation world. Therefore we are glad to introduce our new slide set with amazing Origami PowerPoint templates. Origami meets PowerPoint You want to spice up your speech with unique eye catching graphics that not every […]

When you think of a road map, don’t you think of vacation time, trips with your family, searching the holiday apartment as well as adventurous trips into the unknown? Road maps give us this special sense of security of knowing our destination. This is the principle behind road maps in business presentations. They are illustrated […]

Paper is a wonderful tool for crafting awesome things. If you have kids you may already know: You can fold paper and cut out creative patterns like snowflakes or flowers. We took this paper art as example for our PowerPoint templates and created a new slide set with amazing paper cut graphics. They elegantly combine […]

„Tackling, short pass, long sprint, alone against the keeper, shot, Goal! Goal! Goal!“ 2014 is the year of the football world cup in the land of samba and carnival. The world’s greatest football event is coming. From the 12th of June, 32 nations battle for the coveted trophy. Stars like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo or […]

Isn’t it annoying when you are invited to a symposium or a series of lectures and the presentations are visually more or less narcotic? No matter how good the topic is, without smashing design the presentation will hardly gain attention. Transmit knowledge more vividly and attractive. To simplify the creation of a professional speech, we […]

It’s springtime! Celebrate Easter with PresentationLoad’s free PowerPoint templates and send greetings and presentations to colleagues, friends, and family. Send personal greetings or a complete presentation to colleagues, friends, and your family to celebrate springtime! As an Easter special, we offer an exclusive selection of free PowerPoint templates. You will find a selection of animated […]

Do you remember your last visit of a metropolitan city? What impressed you the most?The special ambience of the city, people, landmarks or perhaps fine food? There are many things to discover in the cities of the world. All of them have a certain charm, a special history, beautiful buildings, and many sights for tourists. […]

February 14th is Valentine’s Day – the day dedicated to lovers and friends. Celebrate this special event with PresentationLoad’s free PowerPoint templates and send greetings and presentations to loved ones, friends, and family. Send personal greetings or a complete presentation to your loved ones! As a Valentine’s Day Special, we offer an exclusive selection of […]

The Dice – A Symbol of Eternity Think of dice. What pictures or words come to your mind? For most people images and words of board games, gambling, socializing and joy take form in front of their inner eye. But some also think of wholeness: the game of life, the inevitable, unchangeable, steady and consistent. […]

Do you travel frequently and visit big cities all over the world? Or does your company have locations in various countries and you have to commute on a regular basis? Of course not only business is a reason to travel – we live in a global world, where many visit different countries and cultures to […]

The Holiday Season is near and already the entire PresentationLoad team is in the Christmas spirit. As do most people, when it gets dark early and the temperatures drop below zero, to cuddle up beneath a blanket at home and drink a hot chocolate or read a good book is the most desirable thing to […]

Have you ever had scary Halloween PowerPoint charts? Here’s your chance to get them for free: We have prepared various scary, animated Halloween slides for you! The celebration of Halloween is not a new holiday as one might think. As a matter of fact, for the Celtic All Hallows’ Eve, big bonfires were lighted and […]

A convincing PowerPoint presentation is interesting and diverting; especially if the content of the presentation is coined at a specific target audience and caters to their needs. For this reason, some of you might have several similar presentations which only differ from one another by 2-3 slides. If these files are all saved in a […]

As a newbie with business-presentations, a lot of little mistakes and detours are bound to happen. For some it may be quite familiar to create PowerPoint presentations with accurate graphs and images – but others may find it incredibly fastidious and time-consuming. For those who appreciate tools which make it easier to create great PowerPoint […]

Once again this year, you will find high-quality PowerPoint templates at PresentationLoad. Right at the beginning of 2013 we have a special offer for you: Create PowerPoint presentations at the highest level with our process arrow templates to display complex processes. The first days of 2013 already lie behind us and the whole PresentationLoad team […]

If you are in need of PowerPoint graphics that adapt automatically to your requirements then SmartArts are just what you are looking for. SmartArt graphics modify dynamically according to your input. Separate levels or object parts can be added or deleted with just a click, while the basic form of the object remains in the […]