powerpoint flowchart for powerpoint

A flowchart allows you to present complex processes clearly. Flowcharts’ greatest strength is the fact that they make processes easier to understand than wordy descriptions. PowerPoint flowcharts can be a big asset in presentations. By combining shapes, text, and arrows, a flowchart can contain everything from step-by-step instructions to the development of ideas.   The […]

Animated GIFs

Looking for a way to liven up your PowerPoint presentation’s content? How about using a GIF? Animated images are everywhere these days. So why not use GIFs for your presentation content, too? GIFs are guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention. They’re a fun and entertaining way to highlight your content and key messages. Plus, GIFs […]

How to Ensure Quality Images in PowerPoint Apply Animations the Smart Way. Image quality, animations and layouts are the subject of our third blog post in the series of everything about pictures. You will certainly have encountered the problems described here as image quality and image layouts are matters you can’t get around and are […]

Picture Edits Two of the most fundamental techniques of image processing include: How to crop out images and create your own free standing clipart How to combine photos with standard forms 1. How to create “cropped” photo clipart Two brief remarks about your photos before we deal with the cropping elements:• The better the contrast, […]

Pictures in PowerPoint serve in a variety of levels and are great to introduce a subject, visualize a topic and make your overall presentation more enjoyable. This blog is part of a tutorial where we will be showing the basics of inserting and editing images to more advanced techniques and tricks. This blog will cover […]

Customers have asked us many times if there was a device or tool for PowerPoint that can be used to dynamically display time periods during a presentation. To leave no customer unsatisfied, we have designed and developed the “Dynamic Time Add-In.” With the help of our revolutionary tool you can easily show any kind of […]

In our online shop you will find a variety of PowerPoint templates based on vector graphics. These graphics are made of points connected through lines. They are particularly useful for the detailed illustration of graphics and deliver a resolution that cannot be attained with pixel-based graphics. Our templates are generally optimized for immediate use. But […]

Wondering how to edit photographs or graphics in PowerPoint? This tutorial is for you.

In this tutorial, you will learn about working with 3D objects in Microsoft PowerPoint.

It happens to all of us – we get nervous before a presentation and tend to forget some facts and important details we wanted to add. This is why it is helpful to resort to tools like the comments-function in PowerPoint. With this function you may add little notes or tips on your slides hidden […]

Have you purchased PowerPoint charts/diagrams slides from our PresentationLoad online shop and now want to adjust the slides according to your requirements? In this tutorial we show you in a few simple steps how to copy, group and scale your graphs, charts and diagrams. You can also change the color and size of each single […]

Have you purchased PowerPoint maps from our PresentationLoad online shop and now want to adjust the slides according to your requirements? In this tutorial we show you in a few simple steps how to copy, group and scale your maps. You can also change the color of each single country or region and add a […]

A good PowerPoint presentation does not convince with only great background pictures or a nice title slide – the text fields and objects in the content slides also need to be arranged in an appealing manner. So what is important when thinking of content slides, text fields and objects? Well, if you apply the saying […]

Everyone has seen and heard at least one tedious presentation in their life. Boring presentations are held every day all over the globe – even though PowerPoint has a lot more to offer! Our tip: present your individual content as a scrolling news ticker on a PowerPoint slide. With the help of a ticker-text you […]

The 16:9 formatting is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the effect that watching videos on a full HD screen with 16:9 formatting makes an ordinary movie clip feel like a real cinema experience. This makes sense in regard to the fact that a human’s range of sight resembles the 16:9 formatting […]

Would you like to download PowerPoint slides from PresentationLoad’s online shop and redeem a voucher code as an extra bonus? No problem! Voucher codes that you receive as a new customer or through special promotions can be easily activated before you complete your order. Our tutorial shows you the step-by-step process to access a product […]

You have created a diagram in a PowerPoint document. Now you want to change the vertical axis by allotting new scale values – but don’t know how. With our tutorial we will show you the ropes! When modeling a diagram, minimum and maximum values will generally appear automatically on the axes according to the data […]

The release of PowerPoint 2013 influenced users to display their old 4:3 presentations in the new 16:9 widescreen format. Our tutorial will show you how to easily convert 4:3 presentations into 16:9. An increasing number of PowerPoint users are confronted with the issue on how to display common 4:3 presentations in the meanwhile established 16:9 […]