May 24, 2017

Create Informative Tutorials – Interview with Camtasia coach, Axel Becker

Axel Becker is a multimedia and screencasting specialist. His focus is on the efficient use of the video editing software, Camtasia Studio. We interviewed Mr. Becker on why Camtasia is ideal for creating video tutorials and its relation to PowerPoint.

Mr. Becker, can you briefly describe your role as a Camtasia coach?

Basically, I make it easier for participants to get started with the tutorials while avoiding typical beginners’ mistakes. The participants not only learn how to operate the software, but also learn a lot about screencasting. For example, they learn how to create a script or storyboard, which is essential for professional video tutorials.

One of your areas of focus is creating video tutorials. What distinguishes these tutorials and in which areas are they used?

Video tutorials have completely changed over the years. A few years ago, they went from “nice to have” to “must have” in companies. Both customers and employees now expect the possibility of tutorials through videos and other electronic media (webinars, MOOCs, etc.). Videos are used in all areas. Two examples: A large company introduces a worldwide, in-house software solution and creates entry-level videos. In conjunction with on-site seminars (keyword: blended learning), these videos help facilitate software operation. A medium-sized company from the food industry creates videos on operational security and enhances these videos with text and graphics. In short, there is no industry that could not benefit from video tutorials!

Why use Camtasia? What are the advantages compared to other video editing software?

Camtasia has the right mix of easy-to-use and necessary features to create professional video tutorials. Users can add effects, such as
callouts, cursor highlights, keystrokes, spotlights, enlargements, etc., and it is easy to add subtitles to videos on social media.

How do PowerPoint and Camtasia work together?

A PowerPoint add-in is installed when you install Camtasia. With this add-in, you can generate a table of contents enabling navigation throughout the video.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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