June 21, 2018

Create Multi-Slide Timelines

A presentation overview helps an audience keep track of what you’re discussing and stay focused. A timeline is a great way to clearly display the progress of projects or results but it’s often impossible to fit all points or project phases on just one slide. This is when a timelines that appear over several slides come in handy. Here are some tips to create a seamless, multi-slide timeline.

First, it’s a good idea is to use slides without titles, headers or footers and arrange your items so they merge smoothly. This allows you to continue the timeline for as long as you need.

How to create a multi-slide timeline:

A precise layout is essential for a smooth transition between slides. All shapes and text must be correctly aligned, either below one another or next to each other.

  • Create your first shape. We’ve used a blue triangle.
  • Copy and flip the shape by clicking on Drawing Tools > Arrange > Rotate, and then Flip Horizontal
  • Now change the color of the mirrored triangle (here to gray) and place it in the bar.
  • Mark both triangles and move them to the top of the slide so that half of the gray triangle extends beyond the edge of the slide.
  • Now copy the triangles all the way out to the bottom of the slide. Check that they are all equally spaced and aligned.
  • Next, select all triangles and combine them into a group using the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + G.
  • Drag the handles of the triangle group to adjust its size to the slide. The tips of the first and last triangle should always line up with the edge of the slide.
  • You can now add text boxes, icons and images to you timeline. The shortcut CTRL + C allows you to copy the timeline as often as you like.


Transition Effects

To create the impression of a smooth transition between each slide, you need to incorporate the right effects.

  • Select the slides and switch to the Transitions
  • From the menu, select Push. This effect is great for giving the impression of a continuous timeline.
  • In Effect Options, click From Bottom if your timeline is vertical, or From Right if your timeline is horizontal.
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