March 5, 2014

Create a Professional Presentation in 3 Steps

Creating a presentation for the first time can seem like a big task. Often there is only little time to become familiar with the topic but the presentation is supposed to be perfect and convince the audience. No reason to panic: With a little planning and structure you will create a great presentation in no time. This 3-step plan will help you:

Let’s go! The following three steps will guide you through the process: preparation, elaboration and assessment (incl. fine-tuning).


When should you start with the preparation of the presentation? It’s simple: As early as possible. Once you know the date of your presentation, it is recommendable to spend 30 minutes a day for the elaboration of the upcoming presentation.

Segment your available time into 3 parts so that you have enough time for each step. Example: You still have 12 days – 4 of which should be purely used for preparation, doing research and collecting notes.

In short: Engaged intensively with your presentation topic, take notes, collect ideas and thoughts. For the beginning, a small notebook or your smartphone will suffice – as long as you have it handy and always carry it with you. Writing down notes will encourage your thoughts to flow and you will soon have a few good ideas on how you want to structure your presentation.


As soon as you have gathered enough information to work with, it’s time to get organized. Bring structure to your notes. This works best with a PC or laptop. Now create the basic framework of your presentation – make sure to take plenty of time for this. (Remember the 3-segments-rule)

Phrase sentences ​​based on your notes. This will help you to add text block to your presentation later on. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of your presentation? Do you want to convince, Investors or introduce a new marketing plan for the coming fiscal year? Keep this question in mind while creating your core slides.

Please note: What do you want to achieve with your audience? Do you want to stimulate them to buy something or do you prefer a discussion or do you just want to convince?

Place graphs, tables, diagrams, or videos that match your key messages. A presentation is only successful if it supplements your speech – it may not replace it! Make it simple: save 80% of your work with pre-designed PowerPoint Templates and create a great presentation in no time.

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Assessment (incl. Fine-tuning)

You’re almost there. Soon you will be ready for your presentation. But don’t leave anything to chance. Practice your presentation several times. This can be in front of friends and family members or alone in front of the mirror. This way you will overcome stage fright and at the same time you gain more confidence.

When rehearsing, read the presentation completely from beginning to end. This way you will become familiar with your text and internalize it. Now, try to speak without reading. Keep some index cards close, so that you can look at them if you are in a pinch. The goal is to present as freely as possible and convince your audience with authenticity.

Be critical and / or use the feedback from your audience to revise the presentation or to restructure some slides.

Last but not least: Make handouts for your audience and keep your presentation on two USB sticks as well as on your laptop. Make sure you have all the technical preparations take care of.

Good luck!


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