August 30, 2016

Customizing Office Applications for Your Corporate Identity

Consider the following scenario: You need to prepare the current project status or the cumulative fiscal year in a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting. The presentation should be based on the current company slide master including all texts, graphics, and diagrams matching the Corporate Identity (CI) of your business.

Some companies, provide guidelines outlining how text, graphics, and diagrams should be presented and fittingly issue instructions to maintain these standards.

However, implementing these rules often leads to unnecessary additional expenses. Because the slide master’s interaction with office design is not optimal, the user must constantly make small changes and adaptations.

Let’s be honest, nobody does that! It’s much easier to search for ready-made templates on the network drive that have the look you want.

The result can vary, and often include some of the following problems:

  • Some objects are on the edge
  • The text is at times single-spaced and other times double-spaced
  • The font size varies
  • One chart is in the classic Office color, and the other colors are corporate identity colors
  • One chart is inserted as an image, and the other is a link from Excel
  • And so on…

To avoid such errors and ensure uniformity, PresentationLoad offers several worry-free and efficient options such as a custom made presentation. Our design service can adjust your templates and documents for PowerPoint, Word or Excel into your corporate design.

Ensure a first-class and consistently designed presentation.

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