August 1, 2018

Design a Clear and Engaging Data Protection Presentation

With an increasingly digitized world and the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection has become a hot topic. So many companies and their employees now require training on how to comply with the new legislation. Unfortunately, presentations on legal topics can be dry and convoluted, making it a challenge to create engaging presentations that grab an audience’s attention and hold it.

Pictograms and other graphics help create visually appealing slides and allow you to present complex regulations accurately and in detail without resorting to endless lists.

Create Your Own Diagrams

We all know images make a stronger impression than just text. Diagrams are an ideal way to present content that is clear and attractive. A diagram, like the one you see here, is easy to create in PowerPoint:

  • Insert a pictogram of a person in the middle of the slide.
  • Use the Oval form to create a circle and copy it as often as you need.
  • Insert appropriate pictograms/icons for the topic into these circles.
  • Create connecting lines between the person and the circles, then place them around the person as desired.

Use SmartArt

SmartArt can be used to replace mundane lists and add visual impact to your presentation:

  • List all items on the slide one below the other, select all, and right-click the marked list.
  • Select Convert to SmartArt from the drop-down menu. A small catalog of available SmartArt graphics will appear.
  • Click on More SmartArt Graphics… and select from the list on the left-hand side. Now choose your SmartArt graphic from the right.
  • You can customize the appearance of the graphic with the SmartArt Tools Design tab and the Change Colors option.
  • You can also replace existing picture placeholders with pictograms.

Emphasize Text Passages or Words

Sometimes you need to highlight certain terms or phrases. PowerPoint offers several options for this:

  • Use a bold or colored font.
  • Another option is to place a semi-transparent colored rectangle over the words and phrases you want to highlight.

Highlight Content with Images or Use Pictograms and Icons

Slides can be visually enhanced with full-page background images, as long as they don’t overwhelm your content. Graphics of computers, safes and padlocks are a good choice for data protection presentations. In short: choose pictures that convey security.

You can use PowerPoint’s collection of icons or download additional symbols and icons from online sources. You can also visit our online shop. PresentationLoad offers a selection of free templates containing GDPR icons and seals.

Following these tips will help you create a data protection presentation that is informative, clear, and engaging.

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