September 18, 2015

Flat and Thin is In

Fresh, simple, elegant, crisp and clean is what the new flat design look tries to convey which has gained ground in the last several years. Incorporating minimalistic shapes and strong powerful colors, the flat look offers attractive design options, especially for PowerPoint. We want to share not only some insights into the benefits of using this new design trend but also tips on applying the flat approach to your own work.

Turning from Information Overload

As an increasingly connected age, we are bombarded with information every day and are constantly evaluating and filtering while on the other hand, creating content ourselves which in short, can be exhausting. Also, much of our daily content digest has moved to smaller devices, which has only increased the feeling of clutter exasperation. The use of flat design, seeking to simplify and organize information in a visually appealing way has greatly improved the user interface experience. It’s ripped design to its essentials, stripping information to its naked core to put the focus back on content.

Similarly, complex presentation topics can be visual Zen with the coherency appeal of flat design. As presenters, we are there to give finite details; our slides serve to present readily well-organized evidence that conveys the core message.

Flat design is direct.


Fast and Functional Delivery

Did you know that the image size and color depth of your designs affect the loading time of your presentation? Skeumorphic graphics, or interfaces that mimic the real-world contain hundreds to millions of colors that enlarge the image’s file size and slow down the loading time. On the other hand, three, four or even eight color graphics have by far smaller file sizes and load like lightning in comparison. In addition, flat design looks just as good on high or low-resolution screens providing a reliable user experience.

Flat design is faster and provides similar experiences.

A Few Flat Working Tips

Consider, if you need that line, box, content, etc. Flat design at its core reduces clutter and applying this design style will force you to analyze what is actually necessary, and what isn’t. In the process, you will probably realize the importance of the few remaining elements. Here are some tips to help you…

Think Grid

The grid is there to help as you arrange your elements and create a layout. Keep your alignment and spacing simple and experiment with dividing the grid into elements of particular importance to make them stand out. The scale is what will establish hierarchy and placement will give importance. Try zooming out, this will give you a greater perspective and will help you decide what placement may give you additional meaning.


Finally, Add More Color

Widen your color palette! Since flat design is about simplifying and trimming down to the primary essential interfaces, the color becomes crucial for your visual design. Here is the perfect chance to experiment with color and tone, and test selected hues across a broad spectrum to ensure they work well in a lighter and darker version.


Typography is the Cherry on Top

The minimalistic look makes typography stand out and gives a defined finishing touch. Look for fonts with a full range of weights and styles as a broad selection will give you a wider range of choices to help define and sharpen the hierarchy of your presentation. Be bold and experiment with pairing fonts in extreme sizes and weights. Serifs are an option, but San serifs almost always look cleaner.

As flat design is focused on stripping down content, the design heavily depends on an excellent layout, carefully chosen typefaces and an extensive range of colors to increase the contrast between different areas and interactive elements.


Want help in creating your perfect flat design presentation? You might just find what you’re looking for in our newly revamped flat design template bundles – 12 different products with several hundred templates. Let us know your thoughts on the new flat design trend. We love your comments!

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