April 29, 2014

Football World Cup + PowerPoint = Ideal Match Schedule

„Tackling, short pass, long sprint, alone against the keeper, shot, Goal! Goal! Goal!“

2014 is the year of the football world cup in the land of samba and carnival. The world’s greatest football event is coming. From the 12th of June, 32 nations battle for the coveted trophy. Stars like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo or Franck Ribéry will impress us with magical moves.

Are you also curious who will win the championship? Is Brazil able to use the home field advantage? Can Spain manage the third title defense in football world cup history? Will Germany accomplish to win 60 years after their first title? Will there be any surprises? – Lots and lots of questions. All over the world people are excited about the world cup.

Do you feel the great anticipation as well and you can’t wait to see your team fight on the field? The PresentationLoad-Team is looking forward for 4 weeks filled with emotions and sports.

32 Teams, 8 groups and 64 games. It’s easy to lose the overview. Therefor we created a match schedule, which keeps all important information at a glance.

Football World Cup Schedule PowerPoint


You can download your schedule for free in our shop.

Get an overview over the groups, know about venue and time of the knockout matches or learn something about the stadiums. You can freely edit your schedule and note all the results in your game plan.

Use the PowerPoint-match-schedule everywhere, no matter if you are in school, at work or on your PC at home. Type the results with colleagues or arrange a public viewing in the office. The match schedule also works at the end of a presentation. Give the latest news and relax the atmosphere.

The PowerPoint-schedule is also applicable on tablets or smartphones.

Soccer World Cup Plan

This schedule combines football information with an inventive and innovative design and is individual editable. Mark your favorites and show for which squad you keep one’s fingers crossed. A must have for every football fan.


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