January 10, 2017

Fresh Themes for Google Slides

Google has created Google Slides, a tool that can benefit PowerPoint users. Read on to view the app’s features and learn how to give your Google slides an appealing design.

Edit PowerPoint Files with Google Presentations
Google Slides is an app for creating and editing presentations. This free tool can be used on most smartphones and computers (please visit support.google.com to check device compatibility), with or without Internet connection. Presentations can also be shared with other users, allowing multiple people to access and edit the project.


Google Slides are similar to those of Microsoft PowerPoint: You can create, arrange and fill them with text, graphics, shapes, etc. and download the presentation as a pptx file. You can also open and edit other PowerPoint files using this app. In addition to pptx files, slides created in Google Slides can be saved in pdf and txt formats as well as jpeg, png or svg image files.


More Diverse PowerPoint Templates
The downside to Google Slides is its limited variety of imported themes. In order for your presentation to go beyond the standard, a lot of time will be needed for design optimization.



That’s where we come in! With Google’s “Import theme” option, you can upload custom PowerPoint theme templates and transfer them directly to Google Slides. In our shop, you’ll find a large selection of theme designs (http://www.presentationload.com/powerpoint-design-templates/) to add a unique aesthetic to your Google presentations.

Simply upload a template, fill the slides with your content, and finish the presentation – all in Google!


Check out the PresentationLoad PowerPoint Shop

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