November 9, 2017

Going Analog: Great Tools to Use in a Presentation

A well-designed PowerPoint presentation creates the foundation for a successful team meeting or pitch. But there are so many other non-digital presentation tools that can engage your audience and help underscore your message. Here are a few ideas.

People absorb information in different ways. Some are listeners, while others rely more on visuals. Enhancing your PowerPoint presentation with analog tools can help you connect with a wider audience. These tools can help encourage audience interaction, making the information tangible and easier to remember. It’s always important to carefully curate your presentation tools. Using too many can make you come across as unorganized or unprepared and dilute your message. Here are a few analog suggestions to help bring your presentation to life.

Flip Chart

A flip chart automatically creates an interactive environment by allowing you to develop and expand your content in real time. A flip chart is best used with smaller audiences so everyone is involved. When using a flip chart, make sure to write quickly with large, easy-to-read lettering. If this analog technique isn’t for you, try substituting it with a mind map in PowerPoint.

Notice Boards and Magnetic Boards

These are great tools for presenting prepared visual materials, such as posters and charts. You can use them to underline your message by displaying structured information at specific points in your presentation. A magnetic board can be used to write down ideas and feedback from your audience. Both these boards can serve as visual anchors throughout your PowerPoint presentation, allowing you to refer to the content whenever you need.


Handouts allow you to distribute a comprehensive summary of your presentation. An ideal handout also provides enough space for audience members to take notes. The structure of your handout should reflect that of your presentation. This makes it easier for your audience to follow along and take notes without having to flip back and forth.

Other Visual Aids

Using models, props, or other objects is an excellent way to add visual emphasis to your presentation. If you’re giving a product presentation, make sure to have the product available. Engage your audience by letting them hold the object or product and asking them to talk about it. Choosing the perfect moment to introduce these visual aids can increase the wow factor of your presentation.


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