June 28, 2017

Good Design is the Key to Effective Communication

The basis of good design is good communication. Well-designed PowerPoint slides should be based on specific intentions and good choices. But a beautifully designed PowerPoint slide is of no use if it can’t effectively communicate a message to your target audience.

Start designing your communication

An exceptional presentation design ensures your audience will be able to recall information and important arguments. Recent research shows that retention is enhanced when data is consolidated into bite-size pieces, and includes metaphors and analogies. Highlighting your salient points on slides allows you  to influence your audience’s beliefs and decisions.  It is often easier to illustrate a fact or a trend with a chart, or a symbolic effect with an icon. Charts make it easy to illustrate a fact or a trend, and icons can help illustrate symbolic effects.

People respond more positively to visual information than just plain text

Adding visual content to your presentations will help your business stand out from the crowd. It gives your potential customers an instant and lasting impression of your brand, while drawing them into the bigger conversation.  Using visual content effectively will capture and engage your audience.

Why visual storytelling works

You don’t need a professional background in design to know that an infographic or well-designed PowerPoint chart can do wonders when delivering a message.

Sharing content with strong visual images makes a significant impact on how the audience remembers your brand. That’s because words are merely processed in our short-term memory, but images are etched into our long-term memory. In fact, 90% of information sent to the brain is visual and about half of the brain is dedicated to visual processes.

By incorporating visual stimuli, we bypass information overload and instead simplify information so it is easily understood. Great design means recognizing the necessary information, picking out the key points, and turning them into visuals. Aristotle once said, “The soul never thinks without an image.” High-quality visuals, pictures, infographics, and icons can transform your data into a message that is quickly grasped and well understood.

Check out my brain infographic. Clean and simple, but effective!

Increase the effectiveness of your presentation by 43%

A study at the University of Minnesota School of Management found that presenters who use visual aids are 43% more effective in persuading audience members to take a desired course of action.

Tip: Leave your presentation on a high note with a strong call to action slide. Display your call to action on the last slide in a large font  and support your argument with eye-catching visuals.

Good design solves a problem and communicates a message + persuades to take action.

How do I create impressive graphics without design expertise?

You can make use of professionally designed templates that will save you  time and deliver persuasive results. If you are interested in more detailed information about my work, feel free to write me at [email protected] or visit us at www.presentationload.com


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