November 26, 2013

High-Tech Future: Does Google Glass Change How We Present?

Will mini-computers replace smartphones?

Will Google Glass lead to a new technical revolution? Prototypes were tested by some individuals who still had to pay 1.500 USD for this high-tech product. However, starting 2014, this minicomputer is supposed to be made available to the mass-market at a reasonable price. But Google has not yet made public how high the price will be for the consumers.

To get a picture: Google Glass is a wearable smartphone which can be controlled by using the touchpad built into the side of the device. Speaking on the phone, taking pictures or making videos, skyping, sending and reading text messages or using google maps and weather websites – all of these functions will take place directly in front of your eyes.

Quite a lot of functions already – but Google Glass has even more potential.

What we want to know now is: will Google Glass change the world of presenting? What possibilities will a key-note speaker have with using Google Glass?

Keeping an eye on everything: presenting with Google Glass

Google Glass could revolutionize the way we present: with this device a Laptop may become superfluous. A PowerPoint presentation can be held in the presenter view modus – only needing a speaker and Google Glass.

All there is to do is to connect Google Glass with wireless LAN or Bluetooth and access the PowerPoint presentation saved in a Cloud. The speaker will see the presentation right in front of his eyes while his audience can watch the presentation on the screen.

A huge profit: The speaker does not need to check his Laptop to know on which slide he is – he can see it directly in front of him. This way there is no need for the speaker to turn his back to the audience – he can freely present without any restraints. Everyone knows when presenting: never turn your back on your audience! With Google Glass you can stay in constant eye contact and at the same time have your slides right in front of you.

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Large technical progress with a small device

Google Glass projects the content on to a small glass prism which is attached to a frame which can be worn like glasses. The information will pop up in front of the right eye on a mini-screen. Because the device can be worn like glasses it is also called “Digital Eye Glass” – even though strictly speaking, it has nothing to do with glasses but rather with a really tiny computer.

Since it is possible to take a video with Google Glass, a speaker may even film the presentation he is holding and directly stream it online at the same time. This way webinars can be held in front of a large online community.

Up until now the technique has been revised and updated by Google several times so that at some point in the future it will make the Laptop superfluous and may entirely change the way we hold a presentation.


source: techradar / wikipedia

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