August 22, 2013

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

When working with PowerPoint various unexpected problems may occur – if, for example, you are using a specific company font in your presentation, it may be represented completely different on other computers (not the effect one usually aims for when presenting in front of colleagues or clients). Often the cause lies within the missing installation of certain font packages on the computer. If the font is missing, it will automatically be replaced with a similar one – possibly changing the entire layout and format of your text. The text, for example, may go further than the border of the diagram or slide.

There is an easy solution though – if you embed the font within the presentation you save the right formatting.

Always be sure that you are not trespassing any licensing rights when embedding fonts (TrueType fonts) within PowerPoint. Some fonts can be added without hesitation, if they are not subject to any license terms. Generally however, there will be a little message box informing you of the license rights, if one of the fonts you are using is subject to such. In order to have a consistent text within the presentation, it is useful to save the respective text font right away when creating the presentation.


If you are not sure of the licensing terms of certain fonts, it is better to use the text fonts which are already installed within the windows-system. Here we advise to use one of the following fonts:

  • Arial
  • Garamond
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana
  • Calibri (Office 2007 ff.)



Embed TrueType-fonts into a presentation (PowerPoint 2007-2010) with the PowerPoint option “Embed TrueType Fonts”

  1. Please start PowerPoint 2007 and open the presentation you want to work on.
  2. On the File menu please click Save As
  3. At the bottom please click Tools, click Save Options, select the Embed TrueType Fonts check box, and then do one of the following:
    • To embed only those characters used in the presentation, select Embed characters in use only (best for reducing file size).
    • To embed all the characters in the font set, select Embed all characters (best for editing by others).


embed fonts


With Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 please do the following:

1. Click Tools and select Options.

2. In the Options dialog box, click the Save tab.

3. Under Font options for current document only, check the Embed TrueType Fonts check box. If the presentation will be edited on another computer, select the Embed All Characters option (otherwise select Embed Characters In Use Only).


Embedding protected text fonts

As of the PowerPoint version 2003 (respectively Office 2002 SP2), the protected text fonts in presentations are irrevocably protected or restricted for further editing. Meaning the entire presentation is write-protected – it can only be opened and, subsequently, not be edited. To solve the problem you can just open the presentation in an older PowerPoint version and then save it without the embedded text font. This is easily done by deleting the check mark in the box Embed True Type Fonts.


Tip: Licensed fonts, copyright and other risks

  • Avoid text fonts where the license terms are not clear or the rights have not been purchased by you.
  • Every manufacturing company has their own individual licensing terms.
  • In case of doubt, directly address the manufacturing company to avoid any risks.





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