February 10, 2010

How to present in a better way!

How to present!

Most businesses prefer the Office-program PowerPoint to create a company- and marketing presentation. As the author, you need the required expertise to elaborate the content and also creative skills to permute the slides and charts in a visual appealing way.

The following advice will assist you to find the main topics and points for a professional presentation, so you can create attention drawing presentations in future.

1. Create story board

First of all decide the structure of the content. Define the structure, sequence and length (number of slides). A well structured presentation includes an introduction (if necessary with a summary), a main part (structured in several categories) and a conclusion (with a summary of the most important points). Individual sections can be separated by intermission slides or divider.

2. Statements and arguments bring to the point

Collect the key points and then summarize (no more than five per slide). Already think about what to write down on the slide so it concurs with the verbal explanation. Less text can be more, use only short sentences or catchwords.

3. Design with pictures and graphics

To design and to support the respective statements visually, you can use pictures or graphics for some slides. You should avoid the same structural appearance of the all the slides if you only use bullet points. Viewers easily would lose interest, so better provide for variety with inspiring pictures.

4. Test run

When your presentation is done, you should do a test run before a virtual audience or a colleague, to get a feedback. And you are able to estimate how long it takes to present one slide or the entire presentation.

5. Perfect preparation for the presentation on site

In advance you should check the technology to see, if everything fits your requirements. Are you presenting from your own laptop or from a shared computer? Which beamer or monitor is connected? You have to consider that the PowerPoint-version is compatible and the lettering, colors and animations are correctly shown. (Presentations created by PowerPoint 2007, can’t presented in an older version without some difficulties.)

Did you considered all these points in the production and preparation for you presentation? Then you shouldn’t expect any trouble. We wish you a strong and successful presentation. And don´t forget, “presenting in a better way“ starts with the creation from the first slide.

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