June 29, 2017

Icons: An Amazing Way to Improve Your Content

You’ve already seen it – icons are everywhere. This design trend is taking over interfaces, smartphones, books, pamphlets, websites and so much more. But what about presentations? Read on for some reasons why icons can be a fantastic addition to your presentations, and how you can make the best use of what is out there!    

Your Content Holds Secrets

As we all know, presentations are based on content. But written content can be long, complex and may have many different points that you need to explain. All too soon, your slides are suffering from “The Great Wall of Content”. And no one wants to read an overloaded slide.  Not in the first row, and certainly not in the back.

You may already be on the path to visualizing your written content with images, diagrams, tables, and infographics. Perhaps you’ve even thought about inserting a story or quote in your presentation to lighten the atmosphere. At the end of the day though, you will always need some text and bullet points that sneak in. But is there a way to visualize even these points? We believe there is.

The simplest way to get rid of bullet points is with icons.

How? Decide what your key points on the slide are and match each point with an icon. The idea is to visualize your content. Consider what images come to mind when you read each of your points. Tip: finding the right icon is easy if you have a library of icons to select from.

Icons in a Nutshell

Icons not only help you visualize your points, but they can add recognition value and flavor to your presentations. Here are three key reasons icons work so well:

  1. Icons are eye catchers
  2. Icons improve readability
  3. Icons can put content in a nutshell

Icons make your presentation visually engaging, give your audience  bite-sized information that is easy to process, and condense your content  so you often need less text to explain a point.

If you want some ideas about icons for your presentations, take a look at the newest Flat Design – 500 Icons Collection. These flat design 2.0 icons come in various colors with motifs for business, lifestyle, nature, communication, transport, and much more. Get inspired!


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