March 22, 2017

Insert a PowerPoint Slide into Microsoft Word

A PowerPoint presentation isn’t the only way to edit or share presentation content.

Many users prefer Word to print and edit individual slides. Or maybe you just want to insert specific slide images into a document. Here are three simple ways to integrate PowerPoint slides into Word documents.

1. Save and Insert Slides as Image Files

You can save individual slides as image files. Open the presentation and navigate to the slide that you want to save. Go to File → Save As. In the Save as Type box, select JPEG File Interchange Format. In the following dialog box, you can select whether to save all slides in the presentation as pictures, or only the current slide. To insert the saved image(s) into a Word document, go to Insert → Pictures.


2. Insert Screenshot

Open the PowerPoint presentation and go to the desired slide. Open your Word document and click Insert → Screenshot. A menu will open showing thumbnails of programs currently running on your computer. Select the PowerPoint presentation thumbnail. This screenshot is inserted and can be edited in Word.


3. Export a Presentation as a Handout

You can save PowerPoint presentations as handouts in Word. To do this, choose File → Export → Create Handouts. In the following dialog box, you can choose your layout and whether the slides should be pasted or linked in Word.


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