April 3, 2017

Insert Videos into PowerPoint – The Perfect Way to Embed or Link

Videos can act as persuasive visual anchors, effectively enhancing your presentation. They can be used to present a company demo or project, or to cite clips from a movie or television show.  PowerPoint has made inserting videos incredibly easy. You can insert video files directly into a presentation, or embed videos from an online source (e.g., YouTube). Here’s how to do it in PowerPoint 2013, and a couple of tips for PowerPoint 2010 users.

Inserting Video Files

PowerPoint 2013 supports virtually all common video file formats. Click the slide in which you want to add the video.  Under the Insert tab, click Video and then select Video on my PC. In PowerPoint 2010, this is called Video from File.

In the Insert Video window, choose the video you want, then click Insert. To make simple edits, select the video on the slide and click Video Tools. You then can add effects or trim the video.

Insert YouTube Videos


To insert videos directly from youtube.com, go to Insert, and click Video > Online Video. Use the Search YouTube box to look for available videos, and add them to the desired slide by clicking Insert.

In PowerPoint 2010, a window opens to insert the embedded video link from the website, as seen below.

Screenshot EN

You can then edit and apply effects in the same way as other PowerPoint videos.

Insert Videos from Other Online Sources

You can insert videos from any online source. All you need is an “embed” code. This is a short piece of HTML code that can be displayed on most video platforms via a function button, such as Share. Once embedded into a presentation, a video can be edited and customized.

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