August 2, 2018


Today’s technology makes sharing presentations with remote audiences so easy. You can say goodbye to the confines of a meeting room and reach a wider audience over the Internet. Here are three ways to live stream PowerPoint presentations.

Upload to an Online Platform

Uploading your presentation to an online platform, such as SlideShare, is the easiest of the three options. Simply upload your slide set to a private account on the platform of your choice and make it accessible to the public. Just remember, you won’t be able to interact directly with your audience.

This method doesn’t require any specific planning with regard to the design of your presentation, but it is limited.

Share as a Link

You can also share your presentation via a link, making it easy to reach a wide and diverse audience. We recommend creating concise presentations to keep loading times to a minimum. Some features in your presentation may be affected.

  • PowerPoint 2013 allows you to broadcast your presentation live by clicking on Enable and then Present Online in the File tab.
  • A dialog box will open showing the custom URL of your presentation.
  • Copy the link and send it to your audience, for example, via email.
  • When they have received the link, click Start Presentation. Now your audience can follow your presentation in real time.
  • Once you have finished with the presentation, click End Online Presentation.

Use Office Mix

This program is available to Office 365 subscribers and PowerPoint 2013 users who download the free Office Mix add-in. Office Mix offers numerous features and capabilities and is designed to eliminate the barriers between different Microsoft Office programs.

Office Mix is very user-friendly, allowing you to add audio files, videos, surveys and quizzes to your slide content. This is a big plus for teachers who want to follow students’ progress outside the classroom. It also gives presenters the opportunity to ramp up audience interaction. The features mentioned here can be found in the Quizzes Video Apps in the Mix tab.

Office Mix also offers a live digital inking function that lets you guide viewers through your slides using videos, audio files and illustrations in real time. In addition, the Office Mix website offers easy-to-follow tutorials and allows users to browse through practical functions.

You will need a stable internet connection before you can share your presentation online. A huge advantage is that viewers have the opportunity to access the slides and review them, even after the presentation is finished.

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