October 25, 2016

Where Did That File Go? – Managing Your PowerPoint Slide Library


At the office:

Jens: “Say, didn’t we have that one template… with a diagram and multiple arrows? The one that was perfect for visualizing processes?”

Suzanne: “I know which one you’re talking about but I have no idea where it is. Why don’t you ask Henry, he’s the one that downloaded it, right?

Jens: “Nah, I’ll just keep looking for it…”

Jens: “Darn, I can’t find it! Do you have Henry’s office extension?”

Suzanne: “Oops, I just remembered …he’s on vacation.”


Sound familiar? This scenario plays out every day in businesses across the country.

Everyone knows that one template with the perfect diagram in the right colors and with the company logo, but where did it go? Somehow it got lost amidst thousands of other files.
This often means separate elements that make a corporate identity (see also style guide) now have to be recreated or picked out from different documents and restructured into a PowerPoint presentation.

Would you like to avoid this scenario? Would you like to breathe easier knowing that your next project or presentation won’t be a design disaster?

Slide library as solution for corporate design

Save time and avoid headaches by structuring and allowing access to internal work documents of any type.

PresentationLoad creates tailor-made, high-quality template collections with different layouts, graphics, charts, images, icons and maps. We adapt the slide master and all the tools to your corporate design or specific content requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Corporate Identity presentations
    Pre-fabricated elements allow for company-wide consistent design.
  • Make slides up to 80% faster
    Create more efficient content and save time with our sample slide toolbox.
  • Professional design ideas
    Brainstorm new ideas through our sample slides.
  • No additional software needed
    Our PowerPoint-based solutions eliminate the need for add-ins and software.

Let us allow you and your team to focus on the content of the presentation rather than the design.

So the next time Jens asks for a specific template or diagram, everyone will know where to find it and its back to business as usual.

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