June 17, 2014

How to Master Efficient Time-Planning with PowerPoint

Efficient Time-Planning with PowerPoint

Time is limited and therefore valuable. Who hasn’t at least once wished for more time or regretted wasting time? To get the best out of your available amount of time, a thoughtful time-planning is essential. Avoid unnecessary stress by keeping track of important dates and deadlines. This post shows you how to use PowerPoint for efficient time-planning.

Keep Track of Your Appointments

Good time-planning is best done with a renowned tool: The calendar. You can use calendars in PowerPoint to visualize your planning and provide yourself and others with a clear overview. The following list shows some examples for possible entries:

  • exhibition dates
  • vacation planning
  • deadlines
  • product announcements
  • meetings
  • training periods for new coworkers


You are surely able to add more examples from your daily routine. All examples have in common that with the right tools they can easily be organized in an overview.

Provide a Clear Overview

To keep track of all your appointments and deadlines you should spend some time to think about ways to put your annual plan in a clear overview. Use different colors for different appointments to enforce clarity. This system can also be used for shorter periods like monthly or weekly plans as well.

Time-Planning in PowerPoint

Long term planning is very important in your everyday professional life. Use the possibilities of PowerPoint to provide a clear overview of your time-planning. Use this overview to get your coworkers, superiors and customers up to date with your planning. Make use of the already mentioned methods such as color markings to expose single dates or longer periods as well. This method can easily be adapted in PowerPoint to create a clear overview in a few steps.


PowerPoint Photo Calendar 2015


Use Templates to Save Some Time

The creation of calendars in PowerPoint can  take up valuable time. Therefore you can use templates to save yourself some time. Just add your own dates and appointments to the templates. A variety of templates can be found in our shop. The newest one is a PowerPoint Calendar for 2015. It includes a lot of different Calendar Templates, all of them in a fresh, modern design. The calendars provide you with an overview over different periods of time, including templates for annual calendars and weekly schedules. Therefore you can use the templates for your short-term and long-term planning alike.



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