November 5, 2013

The MechWarrior: Awesome artwork with PowerPoint

You think that PowerPoint is boring and only useful for presentations? Far from it! The software is a very versatile tool – if applied with the right creative approach. Our trainee Michael Wiens discovered his design creativity at work during the creation of new PowerPoint templates and has developed an impressive PowerPoint graphic: the MechWarrior!

The idea came spontaneously; during his work with various PowerPoint objects, he started to randomly add these objects together and noticed the new form looked like a leg. After mirroring this object and adding a 3D-effect, it started to become a warrior. Inspired by this experience, the 25 year old decided to create an entire figure – a mechanical warrior.

In less than a few hours the robot was finished.

Micha and his Mech Warrior Making Of_25

Michael already started being thrilled by robots when he was younger and loved scribbling layouts on paper: “the fascinating thing about a robot is that it has so many mechanical details behind its facade.” He finds his inspiration in computer games such as the strategy computer game Command & Conquer.

When gaming, Michael makes sure to pay attention to all of the details which make a figure seem realistic: “I think it is amazing how much time a team of developers need to create so much detail and authenticity in a digital world”.

Michael has already created two mechanical robots and an insect-tech-robot solely with PowerPoint. And he is already planning his next projects: “I am planning on designing a buggy with flame throwers and tanks similar to the ones in Command & Conquer”.

All of Michaels MechWarriors got a positive feedback – the elegance in form, the 3D-effect and all of the little details make it a unique PowerPoint experience. In our making-of video you can take a look at the design process and find out how versatile PowerPoint really is.


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