October 8, 2014

Microsoft Announces New Office Product “Sway”

With the recently published preview of “Sway” Microsoft has announced a tool for creating creative presentations which will be expanded into the Office family in the near future.

The application is designed to enable users to create attractive presentations in a short time. To that a series of linear and non-linear layouts can be chosen that can be adjusted easily by drag-and-drop to add images and other media. Microsoft places great emphasis the on ease of use.

Pasted content, for example, is automatically arranged in one of the many available designs, which can be changed by a few mouse clicks subsequently. Because the finished Sways follow current trends in web design and are created in the so-called Responsive Design, the Sways also adapt flexible to all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw-g6IuBVJE[/youtube]


The finished, “Sway” presentations can be saved in the cloud or easily integrated into web pages or shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft sees Sway’s field of application in the private rather than in the business environment.
If you want to try Sway you can register on the product website with your email address to be put on a waiting list.


Source: Microsoft

Image: Microsoft


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