November 19, 2015

New PowerPoint Features: Morph and Designer

Microsoft gives a sneak peek into two new features for PowerPoint 2016 for optimizing the look of presentation slides: Designer helps in finding the right image layout, while Morph produces elequently animated slide transitions.

Wide range of design ideas

Do you have the perfect image for your presentation, but are uncertain of how to best integrate it? The PowerPoint tool, Designer will take care of the work for you. All you need to do is import your images into the presentation, and PowerPoint will scan through its 12,000 template layouts and find matching design templates to fit your image best. Then, simply choose your favorite from the selection of proposals. Our tip: pay attention to the consistency of the offered layouts when creating business presentations or adapting your presentation to your corporate design.

Animated slide transitions

Morph can generate cinematic slide transitions. To apply this, you must duplicate your template and assemble the animations on elements (texts, images and 3D objects) at the new desired location. Then, click on Morph so that PowerPoint can automatically create animated transitions between template elements. Templates will no longer be seen as individual slides, but will provide a seamless transition, without breaks. Microsoft hereby enables new animation sequences in PowerPoint, which have so far been identified with Prezi. Our tip: as always when using animations, even Morph, don’t overdo it with animations.

Until further notice, only for Office 365 subscribers

While Designer is directed and primarily aimed to help amateurs by acting as a design consultant, Morph motivates thinkers and creative minds to craft animations on a bigger scope. Both tools are however only available for Office 365 subscribers. The preview community, Office Insider will receive free access to these updates in the next few weeks.


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  1. This is so cool! Looking forward to get the new edition!


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