July 4, 2019

New to PowerPoint for the Web: Presenter Coach

Microsoft is adding a new feature to PowerPoint: Presenter Coach. This AI-powered assistant is designed to help users practice and improve their public speaking skills. This feature will first come to PowerPoint for the web in English only. It will later be available for desktop and mobile devices, and in other languages.

Feedback and AI-Assisted Analysis

When it comes to nailing a presentation, the old adage “practice makes perfect” definitely applies. And Microsoft agrees. Presenter Coach can be used for practice sessions and gives users real-time feedback on their presenting skills.

The AI analyzes your speech via the computer’s microphone and gives immediate feedback

on your pacing and how many “umms” and “ahhs” you use. It can even tell when you’re reading directly from your slides! Presenter Coach also parses your speech for swear words and politically incorrect terms and offers suggestions for the use of gender-inclusive language. These suggestions have been based on a series of scientific and field studies carried out by Microsoft specifically for this purpose.


Performance Summary Dashboard

At the end of your rehearsal session, Presenter Coach generates a dashboard summarizing your performance. Metrics on pacing, use of filler words, etc., provide an overview of what aspects of your delivery could use improvement.

Through AI feedback, users gain an insight into their own strengths and weaknesses as presenters.

Practice at Your Own Pace

For many of us, presentations are nerve-racking experiences. Presenter Coach helps to lessen this anxiety by acting as an objective, non-judgmental audience. You can now work effectively on becoming a better presenter on your own and in your own time.

Coming This Summer to PowerPoint for the Web

According to Microsoft, Presenter Coach will soon be coming to PowerPoint for the web and later to the Office 365 desktop version. So, if you’re looking to test your presentation skills, you’ll soon have the chance. We’re curious to see how this tool will develop.

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