Wish list for PPT
October 18, 2016

New: Your PPT Wish List

If you haven’t already noticed, we recently added a new feature on our home page that might make your business life just a little bit easier: the wish list.

So you cannot find a product that you looked at before or cannot decide which product to buy and need more time? Just save them to your own personalized wish list and come back anytime.

To place a template on your wish list, click the product, then click the “Add to wish list” button above the red button, “Add to Cart” and voila! Your wish list should have one more item!


To view your wish list, just click on the star, next to the shopping cart symbol in the top right-hand corner. The small number on the star should show the number of items in your wish list.


Once you have bought something from your wish list using the shopping cart, it will disappear.
Please take note that if you download a product using your download credits it will still be on your wish list. This doesn’t mean you have to manually delete items from your list if you don’t want to. You may choose to keep them there to refer to them because you will not get charged for downloading the same product multiple times.
We hope our new wish list feature helps you easily browse, save and revisit PowerPoint templates anytime you want.


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