After a good 20 years in the presentation business, we have seen and heard a ton of presentations. When it comes to giving an inspiring and convincing presentation, here’s one piece of absolutely essential advice: Never read directly from a PowerPoint slide during a presentation.” Your audience can see and read the slides for themselves. […]

Bullets are designed to highlight important points and help an audience scan large amounts of information quickly and easily. Or at least that’s the idea. Unfortunately, bullet points often have the opposite effect. Bullet points are the easiest way to create a PowerPoint slide layout and at the same time, are the least effective. To […]

Many experienced presenters are strong advocates of a clean and simple approach to presentation slides. They believe overloaded slides distract from the topic and confuse the audience. What’s most important to managers like Steve Jobs, one of the best known proponents of minimalist presentations, is clarity. Single images combined with one or two words – […]

Opening the floor to audience questions is a great way to close out a presentation and offers so many advantages. It gives you the opportunity to make one-on-one contact with your audience, clear up any ambiguities and provide even more in-depth knowledge. In addition, it shows your commitment and your interest in the audience’s concerns. […]

PowerPoint has a bad reputation with many users and is often dismissed as amateurish. They say PowerPoint presentations look bad, are boring, confusing and distract from the essentials. One prominent exponent of this view is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who last April issued a general ban on PowerPoint in his companies. Instead, his employees must […]

PowerPoint gives you the option of recording your own screen, adding sound and saving this recording separately or embedding it in a slide. This feature is great for demonstrating content or individual steps, such as software processes. This allows your audience to experience in real-time what needs to be done instead of trying to visualize […]

Studies have shown that images have greater impact than text alone. A grid design, also known as a tile design, is a great way to grab your audience’s attention without sacrificing important information in your presentation. This design consisting of several tiles allows you to seamlessly combine different text and image elements to create attractive […]

PowerPoint presentations are usually 16:9, landscape format, which is a good choice for presentations on standard monitors and most projectors. Even if you’re handing out your presentations and planning to print them later, portrait is often a better choice than landscape. However, it’s not uncommon to find 4:3 monitors and projectors as well as (pivot) […]

Although PowerPoint is best known as a program for presentations, it also offers some other really cool features. One of them is the ability to create animations and export them as video files. Saving these videos separately means you can use them in a variety of ways outside of PowerPoint. Now you won’t have to […]

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This holds true for presentations. The very first line of the first slide is so important – it can make or break your presentation. Despite knowing this, most presenters turn to the same old openings such as “Good evening, my […]

Eye contact plays a huge role in a presenter’s ability to connect with their audience, and in turn, their overall effectiveness as a public speaker.  Presenters who don’t know how to maintain eye contact with their audience appear unfocused and uninterested. Presenters who do, exude confidence and enthusiasm for their topic. Eye contact is a […]

You’ve finalized your PowerPoint presentation and you’re ready to send it to clients and key stakeholders. But are you really sure it’s ready to be shared?  Removing notes from a presentation is a crucial step that is often overlooked. In this post, we’ll introduce an easy method that allows you to remove all notes from […]

Design Thinking is a method to creatively solve problems and develop new and innovative ideas. Developed by Americans David Kelley, Terry Winograd and Larry Leifer, the method is primarily intended for interdisciplinary teams and aims to support all participants in their work. Different experiences, opinions and perspectives on a problem are collected and collated in […]

VR and AR presentations

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that are particularly popular in the gaming industry. These technologies blur the boundary between the real and digital worlds – and even eliminate it altogether. The possibility of immersing oneself in a new reality offers enormous potential for businesses. Business Presentations with Virtual/Augmented Reality Be it […]

Presenting problem-solving solutions in a clear and interesting way can be a challenge. PowerPoint has you covered. SmartArt gives you the tools to create versatile and professional graphics that can be customized to your presentation needs. Here are some of the different ways in which you can use SmartArt graphics in your presentation. STAR Method […]

When you work with others on a presentation, it can be a challenge to see who changed what and how, and which version is the most up to date. The PowerPoint Compare tool is designed for exactly these situations. It allows multiple versions of the same presentation to be compared for changes to text, tables, […]

Using pictures, and in particular photos, in presentations is a great way of attracting your audience’s attention. Overlapping photos to create collages is a unique and attractive way to make use of these images. It’s a really versatile technique that can be applied to various media. An image collage can be created using transparency effects, […]

Today’s technology makes sharing presentations with remote audiences so easy. You can say goodbye to the confines of a meeting room and reach a wider audience over the Internet. Here are three ways to live stream PowerPoint presentations. Upload to an Online Platform Uploading your presentation to an online platform, such as SlideShare, is the […]