PowerPoint supports a number of shortcuts, many of which may be familiar to you from other Office programs. These can save you a huge amount of time and frustration when putting together your presentation. Here’s an overview of some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint. Looking to speed up your workflow. PowerPoint not […]

Shapes in PowerPoint can be used to create infographics with relatively little effort or know-how. By combining shapes, you can also create pictograms and icons. Here are a couple of examples. With a little practice, you can easily combine shapes to create your own custom icons, pictograms and infographics. These provide you with new ways […]

In large companies, using a central storage system to coordinate and share content is a necessity. A Slide Library allows you to manage your templates on a SharePoint server which is installed on your company’s IT infrastructure. External access is usually via a virtual private network (VPN). You can open a Slide Library under New […]

Startup companies are typically new companies based on innovative business ideas with high growth potential. Every year sees the launch of countless new startups, all dreaming to become the next Twitter, Skype or Instagram. The majority, however, fail; many don’t even survive the first year. But many mistakes that lead to failure can easily be […]

You’ve already seen it – icons are everywhere. This design trend is taking over interfaces, smartphones, books, pamphlets, websites and so much more. But what about presentations? Read on for some reasons why icons can be a fantastic addition to your presentations, and how you can make the best use of what is out there! […]

The basis of good design is good communication. Well-designed PowerPoint slides should be based on specific intentions and good choices. But a beautifully designed PowerPoint slide is of no use if it can’t effectively communicate a message to your target audience. Start designing your communication An exceptional presentation design ensures your audience will be able to recall information […]

A self-running presentation is a convenient and effective solution for trade shows, conferences, and other events. PowerPoint makes creating such a presentation easy. Read on to find out how. Self-running presentations are a great way to introduce your product or company at a trade show booth, or to present “hands free” during a conference. You […]

Creating informative yet concise presentations is no easy feat. And don’t forget, your presentation should also pack a visual punch. We’ll show you how to spice up your presentation with these five easy-to-follow tips. Five Steps to a Better Presentation Schriftarten: Fonts: Carefully selecting the right custom font is worth the extra effort. Choosing the […]

Trade fairs are an important platform for many companies. They are a great opportunity to gain new customers or to form partnerships and collaborations. A sharp presentation is key to your trade show success. Keep reading for some helpful tips. A trade show presentation is not like other presentations. Since your audience is just passing […]

Your appearance at a trade show needs to be well thought out and thoroughly prepared. What sets your company’s products apart? How can you effectively communicate your business concept? We’ll show you how to optimally prepare for your next trade fair presentation. Creating an ideal PowerPoint presentation is an important part of trade show preparation. […]

Most organisations nowadays are looking for ways of improving their business reporting processes. Besides faster reporting, more organisations are interested in reliable and transparent information. These reports offer essential specific information regarding the status of business. A well-presented report has the ability to not only attract new investors but also help to keep employees aware […]

Images in a PowerPoint presentation need to be cropped and customized. Most users do this manually, but did you know PowerPoint has an integrated tool that can help you? Read on to learn how it works. You probably know this situation well; you’re editing a slide and have inserted several images, which now need to […]

Office 365 customers can look forward to a new feature in PowerPoint 2016: the zoom function. Used by Prezi in the past, a zoom effect is now being featured in Microsoft. With just a few clicks, users can open and close selected chapter slides with the Zoom feature. Small preview images of the desired slides […]

You can breathe easy now, you did it! But before you put your feet up and relax, remember that a presentation isn’t over until the audience has left the building and the last chair has been put away. Take time after your presentation to interact and network with the audience. And don’t forget an organized […]

The big moment has finally arrived. You’ve followed our checklists and you’re feeling prepared and confident. Now it’s time to take care of the finishing touches and revisit a couple of important details. Arrive early Make sure you have the equipment you need Check that you have enough lighting and that background noise is to […]

Axel Becker is a multimedia and screencasting specialist. His focus is on the efficient use of the video editing software, Camtasia Studio. We interviewed Mr. Becker on why Camtasia is ideal for creating video tutorials and its relation to PowerPoint. Mr. Becker, can you briefly describe your role as a Camtasia coach? Basically, I make […]

Transparent text is used often in print and screen designs. But it can also be a useful tool in presentations. As this isn’t an integrated function in PowerPoint, you will need to know some shortcuts. We’ll show you how. First off, why use transparent text? When an image has a really interesting background, or if […]

In part 2 of this blog series, we offer two methods for making original and concise image captions in your presentations. With these simple tricks, you can both inform and entertain your audience. Put parts of the picture before the text: With this method, you can visually integrate the text into the image by bringing […]