An organizational chart, or org chart, illustrates the internal structure of a company, institution or project. The content and layout of an org chart can vary. Departments, positions, employees and partners can be visualized using boxes to illustrate hierarchies and relationships. But don’t let this traditional layout prevent you from thinking “outside of the box.” […]

Our brains operate a very efficient information filter. This is essential, because if we were to actually store all the information that comes flooding in daily, there would be no room for the important things. Our brains like to decide for themselves what they consider important. This independence of mind, though, means that if we […]

Morph PPT

PowerPoint Morph is a feature which, as the name suggests, allows you to transition your slides by morphing, meaning to seamlessly transform something into another form or shape. This can be a picture, a graphic or even text. All the newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint allow you to try out this amazing function. Interested?  Well, […]


There are various ways to make a PowerPoint presentation even more dynamic. One of them is to record the slides with audio commentary. The slides can then be presented either as a video or as a standard PowerPoint presentation. The process is similar for the different PowerPoint versions, so it can be easily adapted. If […]

speak and present fluidly

Uh oh. The dreaded uh slipped out of again. Particularly when you start your speech, this and other filler words can make you sound insecure and a little unprofessional. Almost as if you didn’t prepare enough for your speech.   That’s not to say that filler words are strictly forbidden. Sometimes a well-timed ah or […]


It’s not easy selling new and innovative products. Potential customers often shy away from the unknown, particularly in the B2B environment.  When there’s no perceived need for a product, consumers often fail to notice, and ultimately reject, innovation. But how on earth can a small start-up company or an independent entrepreneur find the money for […]


Presentations are part of everyday business life and often provide the impetus for reaching important decisions and agreements. In scientific presentations, the process is often more important than the result itself, which is why facts and processes are first presented in detail.   The outcome is then given in the final paragraph. This approach to […]

Use feedback to improve your presentations

After a presentation, every presenter is inclined to review and rate their performance. Did it go as planned? Was I confident enough? Was I able to convince the audience? These are questions that we can’t answer on our own – we just  don’t really know how others perceive us. Unless we ask them.   Why a […]


PowerPoint presentations have become an integral part of many offices today, but often feel monotonous and stale to many employees, customers and potential customers. Audiences quickly become bored while the presenters try so hard to win them over.  Even with an extremely innovative and sophisticated product idea or marketing strategy, a standard PowerPoint presentation can […]


Allowing the audience to ask questions after a presentation is a popular way to finish, and it has many advantages. You get direct contact with your audience, and the chance to clear up any ambiguities. It’s a good way to show commitment to and interest in your audience and gives you the opportunity to really […]


Entrepreneurial success hinges on many factors – expertise, shrewd management, experience – to name just a few. In today’s world of rapid change, there’s one factor that is becoming increasingly important: innovative strength. This involves both big and small ideas that are generated throughout the company and help improve it as a whole.   Despite all […]


“Anyone who has a vision should go to the doctor” While this famous quote from former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, may have a certain validity in the world of pragmatic policy, applying it to entrepreneurship would be absolutely misguided. Visions arise from ambition to create a unique product or innovative service. Ultimately, it is these […]


A guide to creating webinars: How to be a success Webinars are the latest trend. They are convenient for both audience and presenters and can be used for countless different topics and scenarios. Whether it’s online marketing, lead generation, building a brand or conveying content, a webinar is a flexible tool that reflects the current […]

Your company gets an order from a customer. Contracts are signed, everything is planned thoroughly, tasks are assigned, and work begins. Then your customer gets in touch. They want to change something – just add something there, leave out something elsewhere … Suddenly the plans you drew up so painstakingly are useless. You need to […]


First impressions are everything. Whenever we meet someone new, we instantly start sizing them up.  We can’t help it – it’s just what our brains do. It’s actually an evolutionary survival mechanism; our brains process qualities in a matter of milliseconds to evaluate our own personal safety or danger. The same thing happens when we […]


By all caps we mean ALL CAPS. One of the biggest questions in text design and layout is: Why is all-caps text such a popular option for emphasizing important points in presentations? Unfortunately, all caps are often overused – so much so, that they’ve lost a lot of their impact. But what exactly is so […]


The thought of the viva voce looming can be a huge source of stress and anxiety for many, although there are some who just blossom in such situations. If you’re one of the former, though, don’t panic. With decent preparation and practice, you too can successfully master your viva.   Firstly, though: what exactly is […]


Kanban: a term heard time and again in the management sector. This method is gaining momentum in a growing number of industries.  What exactly is Kanban? In which areas can it be used and what are its advantages? How is Kanban implemented? Here are the answers: What is Kanban and where does it come from? […]