Venn diagrams are circle charts that illustrate relationships between items or finite sets of items. We all know that images speak louder than words. That’s why the Venn diagram in PowerPoint is a popular presentation tool. Venn diagrams work with all kinds of different data. PowerPoint’s wide range of Venn diagrams can be used to […]

PowerPoint Backgrounds

A slide background is a key design element in any PowerPoint presentation – its visual impact and value should never be underestimated. But choosing the right background can be a challenge. In this article, you will learn how to change, edit and customize the PowerPoint background to match your corporate style. Make your presentation pop […]

Company Presentation

A company presentation is a vital tool for management and sales departments. This type of presentation plays a huge part in promoting the corporate brand – it’s layout and structure need to be professional and convincing. In this article, we’ll show you what goes into a successful company presentation.   Your company presentation in PowerPoint  […]

PDFs in PowerPoint

Looking to insert PDF content into your PowerPoint presentation but not sure how? You’ve come to the right place.  We’ll show you 5 easy ways to do it. PDF files are read-only. That means once created, they are difficult to edit. Read on to find out how you can still insert and edit PDF content […]

Animated GIFs

Looking for a way to liven up your PowerPoint presentation’s content? How about using a GIF? Animated images are everywhere these days. So why not use GIFs for your presentation content, too? GIFs are guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention. They’re a fun and entertaining way to highlight your content and key messages. Plus, GIFs […]

PowerPoint table of contents

You’ve invested a lot of time and hard work into your PowerPoint presentation and want to make a strong impression on your audience. Don’t forget to include a PowerPoint table of contents. It will guarantee your audience will have a clear overview of your presentation right from the start. Since the release of Microsoft Office […]

A PowerPoint presentation is no longer just about pure text. Nowadays, fully written slides feel outdated while using pictures and other visual tools has become the norm. Mind maps have become extremely popular. A PowerPoint mind map is a tool frequently used in the business sector to visualize complex content.  It structures key content in […]

Legibility and style are key in creating a convincing PowerPoint presentation. But it’s not just a stylish font that counts – text also needs to be organized so it’s easy for an audience to follow. Knowing how to best use PowerPoint’s text boxes and fonts will go a long way in reinforcing the core message […]

PowerPoint is perfect for presenting content. It provides all the tools you need to visually support and highlight your ideas and statements.  With these tools, your PowerPoint presentation will tell a story and keep your audience engaged. Are you looking to create a PowerPoint presentation? Do you want to create a well-structured presentation that inspires […]


A well-designed layout brings a PowerPoint presentation to life. Images and text should always work together to best reflect the topic and create cohesion. Pictures should be used to underscore and clarify the written content and never distract. The key is to create balance. Microsoft Office PowerPoint has a wide range of functions to achieve […]

Have you ever wanted to make images transparent in PowerPoint, but you’re worried it’s way too complicated? Then keep reading – this article may surprise you! PowerPoint makes it easy to make images transparent without needing special software or expertise.   Transparent Pictures in PowerPoint Using transparent background pictures on slides is a great way […]

“After a while I went out and left the hospital and went back to the hotel in the rain.” If you love literature, you may recognize this sentence. But if not, it’s no big deal — this isn’t an English literature quiz. Even so, there’s something to learn from this sentence. If you want to […]


Looking to wow your colleagues, boss or maybe your fellow students with your presentations? Then Microsoft PowerPoint is probably your go-to choice. Thanks to this program, you can breathe new life into even the driest topics and guarantee your audience an entertaining presentation. One really handy PowerPoint feature is its language settings and built-in spell […]

15 ways to start a presentation

Hermann Hesse said, “There is magic in every beginning.” Hesse was referring to the stages of life. Had he been talking about presentations his statement might not have been so positive. As most of us know, the beginnings of presentations are usually anything but magical. They often start with a clichéd, uninspired greeting mumbled quickly […]

never read PowerPoint slides

After a good 20 years in the presentation business, I have seen hundreds of presentations and heard many live talks. And if there’s one thing I consider essential when delivering an inspiring and convincing presentation, it’s this: “Never read directly from a PowerPoint slide during a presentation. Avoid overloaded slides and long sentences.”   Your […]

Storytelling in presentations

Surrounded by tablets, smartphones and AI, it’s hard to imagine we have anything in common with our ancestors from the Stone Age. But surprisingly, it’s only a small evolutionary step from the mammoth hunt to management level. Storytelling is as important today as it was thousands of years ago.   Storytelling in presentations: Why you […]

Many university students are introduced to PowerPoint presentations in their first year. Professors rely on PowerPoint to support their lectures; oral presentations and group work require students to regularly design and deliver presentations. Unfortunately, many freshmen don’t really know how to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation – they often struggle with nerves when speaking in […]


What is a USP anyway? Anyone who goes shopping is familiar with this – we’re spoiled for choice. Say you have laundry detergent on your shopping list. Now you’ve got to choose between the myriad of brands available.  So, which one should you buy? The one your grandmother has always used? The cheapest one? Or […]