Have you ever wanted to make images transparent in PowerPoint, but you’re worried it’s way too complicated? Then keep reading – this article may surprise you! PowerPoint makes it easy to make images transparent without needing special software or expertise.   Transparent Pictures in PowerPoint Using transparent background pictures on slides is a great way […]

“After a while I went out and left the hospital and went back to the hotel in the rain.” If you love literature, you may recognize this sentence. But if not, it’s no big deal — this isn’t an English literature quiz. Even so, there’s something to learn from this sentence. If you want to […]


Looking to wow your colleagues, boss or maybe your fellow students with your presentations? Then Microsoft PowerPoint is probably your go-to choice. Thanks to this program, you can breathe new life into even the driest topics and guarantee your audience an entertaining presentation. One really handy PowerPoint feature is its language settings and built-in spell […]

15 ways to start a presentation

Hermann Hesse said, “There is magic in every beginning.” Hesse was referring to the stages of life. Had he been talking about presentations his statement might not have been so positive. As most of us know, the beginnings of presentations are usually anything but magical. They often start with a clichéd, uninspired greeting mumbled quickly […]

never read PowerPoint slides

After a good 20 years in the presentation business, I have seen hundreds of presentations and heard many live talks. And if there’s one thing I consider essential when delivering an inspiring and convincing presentation, it’s this: “Never read directly from a PowerPoint slide during a presentation. Avoid overloaded slides and long sentences.”   Your […]

Storytelling in presentations

Surrounded by tablets, smartphones and AI, it’s hard to imagine we have anything in common with our ancestors from the Stone Age. But surprisingly, it’s only a small evolutionary step from the mammoth hunt to management level. Storytelling is as important today as it was thousands of years ago.   Storytelling in presentations: Why you […]

Many university students are introduced to PowerPoint presentations in their first year. Professors rely on PowerPoint to support their lectures; oral presentations and group work require students to regularly design and deliver presentations. Unfortunately, many freshmen don’t really know how to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation – they often struggle with nerves when speaking in […]


What is a USP anyway? Anyone who goes shopping is familiar with this – we’re spoiled for choice. Say you have laundry detergent on your shopping list. Now you’ve got to choose between the myriad of brands available.  So, which one should you buy? The one your grandmother has always used? The cheapest one? Or […]

Lean Startup

Lean Startup addresses the issue of how to quickly develop a successful product without huge financial risk. This is not limited to startups – even well-established companies face this challenge. Market demand is a key focus of all companies. In an ideal world, every company would perform a comprehensive market analysis and develop a detailed […]

Notes PowerPoint

Whether you’re preparing an important presentation, trying to convince the board of an idea, or need to give a speech, PowerPoint is an essential business tool. A well-prepared PowerPoint presentation not only keeps track of important information when you need it, but also provides a clear visual guide when presenting, so you won’t be thrown […]

Curved text PowerPoint

Are you looking to make your PowerPoint presentation a little more dynamic and your text more visually appealing?  Curved text may be just the thing for you. Learn how to curve text and enhance it with various effects and settings.   You’ll also learn the best effects for this type of formatting and when to […]

Isometric Design

Isometric design is currently the hottest thing in the design world. This ultra-modern design can be seen on many websites and in PowerPoint presentations. Our world is three-dimensional, so it is not surprising that graphics that appear to have depth are better perceived by Internet users than flat objects. Isometric graphics are simple but 3D. […]

Interactive presentations

Communication is not a one-way street: interactive presentations can be amazingly effective and interesting “Human actualization happens through dialogue: in the dual ability to speak and to listen; to respond, while letting others’ words in. Dialogue, in other words, is the ability to cooperate.” (August Heinrich Henckel von Donnersmarck, theologian and business ethicist)   Presenting: […]

PowerPoint Live

Earlier this year Microsoft announced PowerPoint Live, bringing live, online presentations to the general public. Initially developed for face-to-face meetings, this feature has been enthusiastically anticipated by PowerPoint users in both corporate and educational settings. It’s a feature that will revolutionize the presentation experience in conference rooms, lecture halls, employee events and community centers. This […]


If you need to convey an effective message that will stick in your audience’s minds when you’re not around, you need to consider a self-running PowerPoint presentation!  This will immediately grab your customers’ attention, say at a trade fair stand or on a display screen in your company foyer. There are a few things to […]


Most of us have to create PowerPoint presentations from time to time, whether at work or when studying. PowerPoint is a very versatile and practical tool for creating presentations that visually and powerfully support your points. However, many users are overwhelmed by the program’s almost infinite possibilities. It’s easy to create impactful presentations with PowerPoint, […]

An organizational chart, or org chart, illustrates the internal structure of a company, institution or project. The content and layout of an org chart can vary. Departments, positions, employees and partners can be visualized using boxes to illustrate hierarchies and relationships. But don’t let this traditional layout prevent you from thinking “outside of the box.” […]

Our brains operate a very efficient information filter. This is essential, because if we were to actually store all the information that comes flooding in daily, there would be no room for the important things. Our brains like to decide for themselves what they consider important. This independence of mind, though, means that if we […]