How do you design good PowerPoint slides? In other words: How do you create outstanding presentations that are professional and convincing. Here are four ideas on how to do just that.       1. Become a designer yourself – with practice, experience and talent. No one was born a PowerPoint expert. It takes a […]

Work is in a state of flux. Along with new technical challenges, businesses are also looking to respond properly to social change. Management needs to find a way to adopt social principles and responsibilities into their leadership style. Rigid, top-down hierarchies have long been discredited. Leading by setting a good example gets far better results. […]


When giving a presentation, you sometimes get asked a question that doesn’t relate to the slide on show, only to find that your audience is distracted by that slide and you lose their full attention. Or perhaps you want to go off topic for a moment, to moderate a discussion or include spur-of-the-moment thoughts.   […]


With the introduction of Office 365, Microsoft has set out to optimize its Office package for remote work on the internet. The ability to create presentations online, i.e. in a purely browser-based application, plays a central role here. There are also new features and tools to allow efficient, collaborative work. So, what are the advantages […]


To sell successfully, you need to be a good storyteller. The art of storytelling, i.e. telling a story about a product, is actually one of the most powerful sales strategies. It’ s much more convincing when you tell your listener how you helped someone else with similar challenges, rather than just saying you can help. […]


Maybe you’ve been in this situation: A colleague is giving a presentation. While he’s talking, you’re shown a huge number of slides; the information literally flies past you. While you’re still thinking about the third slide, he’s already moved on to slide seventeen. Or vice versa: A 60-minute presentation is supported by a few short […]

The worst thing you can do at the end of your presentation is close with a thank you or a slide that says, “Thank you for your attention”. You are missing the opportunity to place concrete calls for action (call-to-action) or a summary at the end of your presentation. Every presentation should focus on a […]

Maps are perfect for displaying locations, sales territories, employee distribution and customers in sales and company presentations. In this article, we’ll take a look at the eight best ideas and tips for using maps in your presentations. With professional map graphics, you can create a variety of charts, diagrams and infographics that are much more […]

PowerPoint is one of the most widely used applications in the world. It was initially developed for Apple’s Mac OS by former Berkeley PhD student, Robert Gaskins. The first version of PowerPoint was named Presenter — its name was changed to PowerPoint in 1987. That same year, Microsoft purchased the rights to PowerPoint for $14 […]

Your core message as a header: Why you should always use action titles in your PowerPoint slides Meaningful headings, so-called “action titles”, add more weight to your statements. They summarize the core message of your slide in one sentence, so your audience can instantly grasp the key point of your slide just by reading the […]

Videos in presentations are almost always shown in landscape format.  This really doesn’t have to be the case, though. PowerPoint allows videos to be displayed in a multitude of formats, and it’s very easy to change the way you display your video, making it stand out from the crowd.  A range of presentation options allows […]

The coming year will be blue! At least when it comes to the color world. The Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Classic Blue” as the Color of the Year 2020. Classic Blue as a Trending Color in 2020 After the rather bright “Ultra Violet” in 2018 and “Living Coral” in 2019, the Pantone color tone […]

PowerPoint presentations can be displayed in many different ways: on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, projectors and not least television screens. Presenting on TV is mostly suitable for informal occasions, but it can also work in a business context. We set out below four ways of presenting via a TV: Option 1: Connect your laptop to […]

Got your next presentation to customers or colleagues just around the corner and thinking about including a handout? Great idea! Although many people associate handouts with lectures, they are a tried and tested tool in the corporate environment, allowing your audience a deeper and more lasting understanding of your presentation. Whether it’s a business meeting […]

Many presentations include figures such as sales increases, price developments or statistics. If you just read these out, you risk them sliding straight past your audience’s attention. Since such key figures can be extremely important for the future of the company and influence strategic decisions, it can really help to underline them visually. A Picture […]

Pauses in speech are a simple but extremely effective means of building tension and stimulating interest during presentations. Wrongly used, though, they can be a bit of a disaster for the presenter, as they can quickly start to feel awkward to the audience, making the speaker seem nervous. We’ve identified a few types of pause […]

Tom Becker-Schweitzer, Managing Director of PresentationLoad GmbH, provides you with valuable tips and methodologies for creating your company presentation. Read on to find out how to design an effective company presentation and how comprehensive it should be. (reading time: 10 min) Your company presentation is a vital management and sales tool, presenting your company to […]

Making presentations as interactive as possible might seem like more bother than it’s worth, but with a bit of help from us, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to do. You can integrate interactive elements into your presentations in many ways;  surveys, triggers, creating visually appealing transitions and using quiz tools are just some of the […]