Start with why in presentation

In most cases, TED-talks are very well received by the audience and manage to inspire them. At the same time, TED Talks convey important information in a short frame of time and connect with the audience on a personal level. To present a good TED-talk there are several things that need to be considered. Most […]

Consulting Presentation in PowerPoint

As a consultant, presenting is an everyday part of your job. Elaborate slides illustrate coaching, strategies and analyses. Projects are presented to your clients or to management, new concepts are developed, and management consulting results are communicated. A lot of work goes into a consulting presentation. Slides need to be carefully thought out and highlight […]

Project only one message per powerpoint slide

You probably know it: You are part of an audience listening to a PowerPoint presentation and the text on the slides is overwhelming you. On top of that, there is hardly any variety, and you notice how your attention keeps decreasing. Too many messages on a slide are still a difficult topic to work around, […]

More sales deals? 5 ideas how it works

If you work in sales, you’ll know that closing a deal is the key to success. But what happens when you can’t seem to close any deals? In this article, we’ll tell you what you can do to close more sales and reach your aims: #1: Understand your customer’s motivation The first step to a […]

Why you should consider framing for your powerpoint presentations

Even though it often seems like PowerPoint presentations are mainly about conveying facts and data, there are other important factors. Besides the content of the presentation, connecting with your audience and framing is just as important. If you have a connection with your audience from the beginning, you can make a better impression and ensure […]

why the final question in presentations is so important

The final question of your presentation can make or break the deal for your product sales. It’s the last chance to restate your point and convince potential clientele. If you’re not prepared for this, you can quickly get confused and lose the structure of your presentation. However, if you know how to handle the final […]

Use the 5-act structure for improving storytelling in presentations

The 5-act structure is a good place to start if you want to improve your storytelling. In 1863, Gustav Freytag, a German playwright, created a graphic depicting the “5-act structure” of ancient Greek drama and Shakespeare’s plays. Understanding this framework will help you identify the main components of a story and ensure that your stories […]

Support the attention curve of your presentation audience

The audience’s attention during a PowerPoint presentation is high at the beginning but decreases after the first 10-15 minutes. To make important core aspects of your topic stick in the audience’s memory in the long term, it makes sense to emphasize or repeat the most important points at certain intervals to increase attention. This way, […]

That's how you manage a short presentation in PowerPoint

There are occasions when you only have limited time to give a PowerPoint presentation. This is where knowing how to create and deliver a short PowerPoint presentation is essential. Done right, you really only need a few minutes to deliver your presentation, get your ideas across and achieve your goals. You may well be thinking, […]

Use PowerPoint Icons for better Presentations

Whether it’s on your smartphone, on web pages, or in business brochures, icons (little pictograms: arrows, signs, etc) are everywhere now. You can use PowerPoint icons to great effect in presentations, too! They’re a really useful way to catch your audience’s eye, and, skilfully used, they can add to the effectiveness of your slides, complementing […]

5 tips for your report presentation

A report presentation is a daily necessity for most companies. Employees are constantly working on compiling data and facts about their company and department and presenting them in PowerPoint presentations. But often, the presentation design fails to impress. In this article, you’ll learn how to visualize hard data into an appealing and engaging report presentation […]

PowerPoint Pechakucha That's how it works

For those of us interested in presentation techniques, PechaKucha is a two-word term that we hear often. Although it may sound like some exotic dish you order off a menu, PechaKucha is in fact an incredibly unique form of presenting. A PechaKucha presentation is designed to save your audience from the dreaded “death by PowerPoint”. […]

Insert Slide Numbers PowerPoint to Your Slides

Inserting numbers on your PowerPoint slides helps to order and structure your presentation. This is especially true for longer presentations. Setting Slide Numbers PowerPoint is actually pretty simple – we’ll show you how! Inserting PowerPoint Slide Numbers – Why they’re Useful So why might you need slide numbers? On a basic level, they keep your […]

The best PowerPoint Layout Tips and Tricks for your PowerPoint

A well-designed PowerPoint layout is essential for any presentation. Why? Simple: a visually interesting and coherent slide grabs your audience’s attention and makes you and your content look professional. A good PowerPoint layout creates a common thread running through your presentation by coordinating design elements. This allows your audience to easily follow the content of […]

Embed fonts in PowerPoint that's how it goes

Problem: When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, you happily use new fonts sourced online, or your company’s corporate font, but when you present on site, the font suddenly looks completely different and maybe even ruins your whole slide layout. Explanation: The font you’re using is non-standard; it’s installed on your PC but not on the […]

Titelbild PowerPoint Rounded Corners16zu9

If you’ve already come across and been impressed by shapes or pictures with rounded corners in PowerPoint, you’ll know that they are a great way to make presentations look fresh, modern and elegant. It’s a simple way to use creative design to make your presentations really stand out! Today we’ll show you just how to […]

how to insert powerpoint notes into powerpoint

Whether you need to deliver an important presentation to company management or an academic breakthrough, you really can’t get by in 2022 without Microsoft Office PowerPoint. There are good reasons for this! Well-prepared PowerPoint presentations provide interesting visual background for your presentation, and memory aids for both you and your audience. They also serve as […]

11 tips for preparing a powerpoint presentation

In 2022, presentations are part of everyday life for anyone in business. Many people find it difficult to put together presentations that are both target-oriented and interesting, though. Getting the preparation and structuring right from the start is the basis of a successful presentation. A cogent and professionally presented presentation connects you to your clientele […]