August 30, 2016

Pimp your PowerPoint with Advanced Features

Whoever works with PowerPoint often knows exactly how to insert pictures on slides, animate objects and insert tables. Many steps to creating a presentation are self-explanatory and easy. However, now and then the software shows weaknesses in its uses and limits in functionality. That is where add-ins come in handy.  They simplify the use of PowerPoint and expand the program with exclusive elements with which you can wow your audience.

Complicated was yesterday! Work more productively with add-ins.

Do you encounter problems with PowerPoint in your work day? Do you have specific ideas for your presentation, but the software doesn’t have the necessary tools to create what you want?  Innovative add-ins might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Did you know that with add-ins you can…

…switch quickly between different languages? Multinational companies and individuals who give lectures to an international audience know this problem: If you create content in different languages, then you have to manually change language on each individual element. Our PowerPoint add-in, Language Changer for PowerPoint, allows you to switch between languages with one simple click and select the correct language for all slides, including clustered elements, tables and notes.

…have corporate design colors on hand?
Your corporate identity colors should always be available so that a consistent brand image is always displayed in presentations. The PowerPoint Color Manager was developed so that you and your team have the appropriate color palette on hand and can apply the right color. The management and application of your corporate colors becomes a breeze.

…quit manually updating data? Do you manage your numbers, texts, diagrams and tables over data banks and excel sheets? The PowerPoint Report Generator was created so that data can be directly updated in your PowerPoint presentation. You can always present reports with the latest data without having to make tedious adjustments and comparisons with other documents.

…presenting real-time content in your presentation? Have you longed for an easier way to present repeated fair presentations, digital scoreboards, or screens showing the latest news, weather and welcome information? Do you want to provide your listeners with up-to-the-minute information from around the world?  This is not unworkable in PowerPoint!  Thanks to our dynamic add-ins, we can automatically display these various options in your presentation. Live-time displays and timers are also suitable for visualizing deadlines, opening dates and deadlines. Integrate helpful add-ins and pimp up your software to work faster and more effectively in PowerPoint.

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  1. I bought template “Animated-Polaroid-Pictures” some time ago. Could you please explain me how to put my own photo into polaroid picture? Today I can only add my text to polaroid picture, but not my photo…

    • Hi 🙂
      Be sure to click on the picture, you want to replace, two times. The first time you selected the whole polaroid graphic, the second time you’ll select only the picture inside. Then you can right-click on the picture and insert your own picture with the fill effect option. I hope that we were able to help you. Let us know if you still have problems with adding your own pictures.


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