February 26, 2019

PowerPoint 2016: Comparing Office 365 and Office 2016 (Part 2)

PowerPoint 2016 can be purchased in two versions – it’s offered in both Office 365 and Office 2016. In this two-part series, we’ve summarized the differences between these two versions. Read on to learn more about PowerPoint in Office 365 (Part 1 can be found here).

Part 2: PowerPoint in Office 365

Microsoft has introduced a new way to use Office products with Office 365. It offers users a monthly or annual subscription service. This option is geared towards professional users who use the program regularly and require up-to-date features, such as companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, Office 365 also offers several advantages for private users who don’t mind regular payments, which we’ll highlight in this article.

  • The subscription guarantees regular security and feature updates, ensuring the user always has the latest version without any additional purchases.
  • Office 365 can be used on several devices, even mobile ones. It can be used on all devices without restrictions and its cloud storage makes it easy for multiple users to share and work on the same documents. The Office 365 package includes 1 terabyte of memory in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud.

  • Some PowerPoint 2016 features, such as Morph and Zoom, are only available in Office 365. We’ll describe them in more detail later.

It’s also important to note that Office 365 is available for private users in two different versions, Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal:

  • Office 365 Home includes all Office applications, including PowerPoint 2016, and allows these programs to be installed on up to five PCs and five tablets. It’s the perfect solution for families.
  • Office 365 Personal is designed for individuals. The programs are the same as in the Office 365 Home package but it can only be installed on one PC and one tablet.

Let’s have a look at the special features of PowerPoint 2016 in Office 365:

  • Morph (which we’ve described in more detail in this article), allows you to animate 3D shapes, text and images. The latest version of Morph also offers a new feature: you can now use animations across several slides.
  • Once one or more images have been added to a slide, the PowerPoint Designer tool automatically suggests layout and design ideas which can then be applied with a single click. This time-saving feature means that users no longer have to design their own layouts.
  • There are also five new animation effects for 3D objects that are only available in the Office 365 version of PowerPoint 2016: Arrive, Leave, Turntable, Swing and Jump & Turn.
  • Finally, the new Zoom feature allows you to zoom in on a specific area, adding even more interest and life to a presentation.

Whether these additional features are worth the monthly subscription fee is up to you. Most users will probably be happy with the features of the Office 2016 PowerPoint version. Its one-time payment option is also considerably cheaper interim solution than regular, monthly payments.

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