December 6, 2013

PowerPoint City Templates: Visualize Your Trips!

Do you travel frequently and visit big cities all over the world? Or does your company have locations in various countries and you have to commute on a regular basis? Of course not only business is a reason to travel – we live in a global world, where many visit different countries and cultures to get an impression of something new. This is true especially if your field of expertise lies in photography, the travel business or in event organization. If you have travelled a lot you may have noticed as well: big cities and metropolises are very distinct and diverse – they inspire and awe their inhabitants and visitors.

Impressive Travel Presentations

This is why we have created a new set of City Templates for PowerPoint: we want to let the cities speak for themselves and highlight them visually. Add your facts & figures in the pre-designed text boxes and have a great city presentation finished in no time.

City Template PowerPoint New YorkChoose from our wide variety of premium City Templates in our PresentationLoad online shop. Discover our top pre-designed charts and add your own content or pictures. Why not, for example, highlight various financial districts of big cities and make your data more visually appealing? Or present important sights in big cities and make comparisons to your own products – let your creativity take over and create a new kind of presentation!

Find great day- and night shots of metropolises such as Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco and Dubai. All of the slide sets contain exclusive pictures which you can use to create your own individual presentation. Of course you may also exchange them and easily insert them in the placeholder boxes.

Discover that our City Templates are perfect for the tourist or recreational business branches. Or why not elegantly display your company’s business locations or future goals by visualizing the corresponding cities and places.

Especially travel agents will find these PowerPoint templates a perfect preparation to present new locations/routes to their partners or clients: invite a thirst for travel and inspire your listeners. Take them to foreign countries and cities visually, and highlight events, parties and other activities with great pictures.

Of course this set is also perfect to show off your latest holiday trip and at the same time create a great digital photo-album.

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