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July 22, 2020

PowerPoint Live: Bring Your Presentations to Life

Earlier this year Microsoft announced PowerPoint Live, bringing live, online presentations to the general public. Initially developed for face-to-face meetings, this feature has been enthusiastically anticipated by PowerPoint users in both corporate and educational settings. It’s a feature that will revolutionize the presentation experience in conference rooms, lecture halls, employee events and community centers.

This new PowerPoint feature is invaluable wherever in-person events and meetings take place. It helps presenters connect and communicate with audiences more effectively.

The world has changed dramatically since the beginning of the year; more and more, work and learning experiences are taking place online. Below you’ll find valuable tips on how to use PowerPoint Live for remote applications.


Increased interaction through a personalized presentation experience

Every presenter knows how difficult it is to really involve an audience and hold their attention throughout a presentation. This new PowerPoint feature can help its users create engaging and accessible presentations. All participants can connect on their own device – laptop, tablet or smartphone – and follow the presentation, react in real-time and provide the presenter with instant feedback.

This not only facilitates accessibility but also provides the presenter with valuable information on how what the audience thinks about the presentation. The audience can also write comments at the end of the presentation and rate it.

The new live presentations help participants to better follow and understand content. Listeners can move between slides at their own pace, zoom in on important details, take screenshots of slides and return to the current slide with a single click.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows each listener to switch on live subtitles in his or her preferred language on their own device – more than 60 languages are available! This not only helps participants with hearing impairments, but also overcomes language barriers and ensures that every single person in the audience is fully involved in the presentation. And should you ever be late for a presentation, the subtitles on the slides already covered will still be available as a transcript.


PowerPoint Live creates a better presentation experience for the presenter

The new PowerPoint features benefit not only the listeners, but presenters as well. During the presentation, the presenter is able to see the number of listeners and their live reactions. This helps the presenter feel more connected to his/her audience and communicate better and more efficiently.

Through anonymous feedback, comments and voluntary surveys at the end of the presentation, the presenter can gain valuable insight and recommendations to help improve and optimize future presentations. This comes in the form of an email containing an aggregated feedback report including comments.  These features help every presenter, whether beginner or professional, to improve their presentation skills.




Easy-to-use live presentations for face-to-face events and remote scenarios

Now the most important question: How do I use this feature? With the new live PowerPoint feature, you can share your presentation with anyone with an Internet connection: All you have to do is share the QR code or URL link associated with your presentation with your audience. As soon as they scan the QR code with their smartphone or click on the link, they automatically join the live presentation.





As a presenter, you can decide whether only employees of your own organization (within Office 365) should have access or if the presentation should be made public. If you do make it public, anyone who has received a link to the presentation can participate. The presentation can be accessed from any device – whether laptop, tablet or smartphone. The live presentation is currently only available in the web version of PowerPoint.

During these unique times due to the Corona pandemic, Microsoft has further developed this feature to support working and learning from home. Even if we are not always physically in the same room, we can already use live presentations in the web version of PowerPoint. So how do you share your presentation when you are in a video conference or something similar?

If you’re using a video conferencing tool like Microsoft Teams, simply connect to your desired team call and share your screen with your presentation opened in the web version of PowerPoint. Then click on Show online. The QR code and URL link will now be visible to everyone on the team call. No matter where they are, your audience can now scan the QR code with their smartphone or click on the link and instantly join your presentation on their own device. All the same features described above (subtitles, live reactions, moving the slides at your own pace, comments and feedback) will be available to your participants.

PowerPoint Live is easy to use and worth its weight in gold for anyone using PowerPoint presentations at work, school or university!





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  1. Is it more like a Zoom meeting? With an added feature of reactions/likes etc? Or am I taking it wrong?


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