June 25, 2014

PowerPoint Slides with Images and Designs for Your Sector

Your organizer is bursting at all seams, you are running from one meeting to the other and on top you have to hold an important presentation? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete presentation for your business sector already prepared for days like these? Difficult puzzling in PowerPoint would be over and all necessary slides would be selectable from one collection. No more.

Matching Themes for Every Sector

Scenarios like these are the reason we offer templates for every product category for the most popular professional sectors such as logistics, architecture, finances, laws, health care and sanitation, IT or mechanical engineering/production. Further presentation sets with matching image collections for management, marketing and sales are also available. Here an example: for laws we supply Roman columns, articles, judge’s gavel and files in a suitable design.

PowerPoint Templates by Industry

Complete Presentations in One Set

You will be provided with a complete prefabricated presentation – starting with your opening slide and followed by an agenda, charts, tables, time scales, infographics, text slides, place holders to introduce team members, location maps, customer logos, social media icons and closing slides. And the best on top of this: all templates are accessible right away without any big effort. You place your own content where place holders are and that is it. But creative minds and designers are not left out either: design elements like the size, color and shape of tables and texts are easily editable.

New design templates are available now in our shop.



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