April 26, 2013

Presenting like Steve Jobs- memorable PowerPoint presentations

When regularly presenting with PowerPoint on the job, a few basics should always be respected: Keep the audience interested and ideally be enthusiastic about your topic as well. Keeping an audience concentrated is not an easy task – requiring not only solid rhetoric skills but also sound knowledge of the topic itself.

Why not learn from the best and look at some of Steve Jobs’ presentation methods? These 11 lessons sum up the most important tips & tricks which will help make your presentations memorable!

1.     Share the passion that you feel for your topic also with your audience. Use words and your body language to convey your enthusiasm authentically.

2.    Think of a twitter friendly headline – make it as short and simple as possible. Try to get the message across by using a few poignant keywords.

3.    The power of Three: Divide your presentation into three sections or show three keywords on each slide. You may even break complex ideas into three parts and use the number three rhetorically.

4.    Introduce the villain: Use storytelling and introduce a “villain“ when presenting a product or strategy. Avoid downplaying or bashing the competition and rather use the “villain” metaphorically.

5.    Save the day with a hero. Clearly accentuate all of the positive sides of your product or strategy which will enable quick solutions and defeat the “villain”.

6.    Create clear and simple slides. As goes for the headline the same applies for the individual slides: keep the wording short and down to the point – avoiding long complicated sentences.

7.    Stories are fun to listen to – no matter how old you are. So why not tell an interesting story, anecdote or funny episode of how your product/strategy/idea came into being? A personal story helps lighten the mood and arouses the listeners’ interest.

8.    Know your slides and what you want to say to each slide. Rehearse the entire presentation a few times so that you feel comfortable and have no need to search for words or terms when presenting.  This way you will be completely relaxed – and your audience as well.

9.    Speak freely: avoid reading from your notes – know your topic and answers to possible questions by heart. This way you stay confident and won’t feel insecure.

10.   Surprise your audience with entertaining tidbits or jokes – but stay natural and be yourself. Humor helps brighten the mood and can loosen up a tense or very demanding audience.

11.   Inspire your audience with a carefully chosen citation. You may use it either at the beginning or end of your presentation.

At a glance: A good presentation should be informative, educating, entertaining and inspiring. So take your time when preparing and stay true to yourself. Good luck!


featured image: © lassedesignen / Fotolia.com

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